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How to buy IOTA, XRP, XLM and other Alt-coins on Binance cryptocurrency exchange

Everybody is aware of how to buy and promote Bitcoin, Litecoin and ethereum. You simply want to use coinbase or Gemini to simply fund your accounts and buy the currencies. It is alot more difficult to get probably the most other ones. for the ones you have got to use Exchanges like Poloniex, Bitterrex and Binance. I can display you ways day buyers industry cryptos on Binance

To Sign up for a binance account click on the hyperlink under : https://www.binance.com/?ref=11366788

To join Coinbase use the under hyperlink:

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  1. Hey man I have a couple questions for you, I don’t know how to sell IOTA for example once I am ready to cash out. I am very new to this and would love some help, thanks for the video and looking forward to a response!

  2. You did an amazing job man. keep going !!

  3. nice video! keep it up 😀

  4. Can u just buy neo on that exchange and hold it there for 8weeks and then if its profit to exchange it back to btc and tranfer it back to wallet that dont have a neo?

  5. Christopher Massaad

    Hey awesome video. I just got started with Coinbase but I would like to start trading with ripple. What kind of wallet do you use to store all the various coins?

  6. Explain the efing deposit
    This is of no help at all.

    Your efforts are appreciated but your teaching skills are shit

  7. Tried to copy and paste the address from Binance into Bitcoin to transfer and it says it is an invalid email address. Any suggestions?

  8. Coinbase not Bitcoin, sorr

  9. Strategic Endeavors FX

    Can I send lite coin then buy other cryptos or do I only have to use Bitcoin. I wanna keep the bitcoins stored away.

  10. Main Course Marketing

    do you load BTC or ETH to your Coinbase before sending it to buy ripple, Cardano or Tron??

  11. I exchanged btc for ripple on binance do I need to store it somewhere else?

  12. Why use an already rich man's referral instead you could make me not poor while also helping yourself.

  13. Very well explained without too much tech jargon. Thank you and keep them coming.

  14. great job bro. i like the fact that you went right to the point. i have sub to your channel.

  15. Like it thanks. You buy any ADA too?

  16. Thanks for youre video…ive played it over and over and over…and over while doing trades. Thanks

  17. How can I buy other altcoins on binance with litecoin I have?

  18. thumbs up Emeka, I love what you are doing. Udo!

  19. Bloody hell. Awesome, concise and to the point explainations. Keep up the good work

  20. Screw that garbage…TRON is going gangbusters to 5 bucks

  21. Thanks, really enjoyed the video. Are those transactions free?

  22. Thank you so much.  I followed the steps given and just purchased IOTA.  Yea!!

  23. Great job! Very helpful.

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