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GuruTalk- Crypto FUD & FOMO (July – September 2018)

Hello, Dear Bytecoin Enthusiasts!

In this brief video, I make clear the Top 2 the explanation why other people lose money- FUD & FOMO:

There are going to be trillions of greenbacks going into the crypto marketplace within the subsequent 2-32months so let’s now not let our feelings get the most efficient folks.
Many other people will transform wealthy & many of us will lose their existence financial savings;
many of us will take benefit & many extra will withdraw at a loss.
Same match. Such other results.
One of the primary riding elements of value is emotion. Human emotion.
and because you may have one, you’re accountable for the best way that it behaves.
*I’m really not a phycaedrist nor a monetary guide
Having stated that, figuring out what the forces in opposition to you are- will will let you higher maneuver in the course of the stumbling blocks.
There are two major common tactics to ‘really feel’:
FUD= Fear+ Uncertainty + Doubt
FOMO= Fear Of Missing Out

I am hoping you guys can get advantages out of this point of view. 🙂

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  1. Daniel Bull Runner Lamb

    I got into bytecoin because of privacy, I bought my first bytecoins during all the scam fud and wallet technical issues, I took a risk but I have a good feeling in BCN.

  2. I think it's the next big speculative crypto and everyone knows that speculative crypto is too profitable. Bytecoin showed us what he was able to do when he was listed on Binance , his value up to 0.20 cent. I think this crypto will be very speculative in the future and traders will be interested in mass. you have to believe this crypto has a very great future, it is a drangon who sleeps and when will come the time to wake up he will spit fire and go up like a rocket . this coin can go to 25$ just let time make his job and we will see bytecoin between the best !!

  3. my broooo welcome back

  4. Great video, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

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  5. Scam artists, don’t invest in this coin! Shady team and characters. They ripped me off when they were listed on Binance and wouldn’t take responsibility. Fuck them

  6. Daniel Bull Runner Lamb

    Can I send BCN from my Binance account to my wife Binance account? Do I choose withdrawal on my account and deposit to her binance BCN?

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