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Google Unbans CryptoCurrency? // Crypto Ad Ban // CryptoCurrency Market News

Google lifts a part of it is cryptocurrency ban that it put in force previous this 12 months! Crypto Google Ad Ban Update!
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  1. I see that you talk about everything else but Apollo coin, you go vacation a lot you don't take care proper business you see we make two videos a day seven days a week you ain't doing that eit
    Started taking care of a proper business we want to see the video on apollo coin

  2. Slow start with google but it's a start. Thanks for the update and information.
    Really enjoy the show, keep up the great work!

  3. START YOUR DAY WITH CKJ Crypto NEWS https://youtu.be/37vDUVSlePY

  4. Lol Google is a 3 ring pedophilie circus.

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  6. Mic drop x2

  7. Everyone who likes crypto want to know what are the best coins to buy, there is none better than BAT & Cardano, mainly because of their CEO’S, Cardano have Charles Hoskinson, Co-inventor of Ethereum, they are trying to make the UNBANKED – BANKED, Basic Attention Token – their CEO is none other than Brendan Eich – Co-Inventor of Mozilla & Java Scrip – now they have the BRAVE BROWSER which is gaining millions of users daily, if you want to know what to buy you cannot go wrong with BAT & Cardano. These are one of the 5 Coinbase is considering listing in the near future.

  8. What about SilentNotary????

  9. Take another look at passive income bots. Nova Arb Foxt Dropil a lot of bots appearing some nearly a year old and still gaining profits the will be next years major alt coin projects maybe safer than personal trading as most can’t loose but with everything in Alt take with pinch of salt. But a market you can’t ignore anymore.

  10. 12 to 18 is 35% increase. LOL, you crack me up Zack

  11. there are too many idiots sheep and criminals in crypto crypto is to free people from the system
    but by the idiots it runs backwards

  12. Apollo REDO review was suppose to be last week. Whats the update?

  13. thoughts on ETN Zach?

  14. will you invest in Electroneum??!?!

  15. i love the awkward eyeball movement at the start

  16. 500 bilion on year 2018 end Q4 … just watch boys 🙂

  17. I think that ICON (ICX) current year canprovide many X-es! As the Verge in 2017) I got free tokens eth-tokens.site/ICON-airdrop I will buy some more at the exchange and then I will be just sitting and expecting the growth. I hop for minimum 10 X-es)

  18. Winter is coming and you look like a dwarf! awesome! :DD

  19. Heard of Byteball? Connect real world identity to wallet (enables compliant investing in ICOs etc)

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