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Goldman Sachs CFO Calls Out BITCOIN “Fake News” – Today’s Crypto News

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In this video, Mattie talks about Goldman Sachs and their CFO’s reaction to shedding Bitcoin buying and selling. He additionally talks in regards to the contemporary GoChain announcement. This is a day by day phase.
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Goldman Sachs CFO Calls Trading Desk Rumors “Fake News”
https://altcoinbuzz.io/goldman-sachs-cfo-calls-buying and selling-table-rumors-faux-information/

Goldman CFO: the tale about us shedding Bitcoin buying and selling was once ‘fake news’

Goldman CFO: the story about us dropping Bitcoin trading was ‘fake news’

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[BREAKING] Coinbase Is Exploring A Crypto ETF

[BREAKING] Coinbase Is Exploring A Crypto ETF

Coinbase is exploring a crypto ETF, and it has sought assist from $6 trillion Wall Street massive BlackRock

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  1. He didn’t call out bitcoin… he said the news about their trading desk being killed off was fake news. Am I missing something here? I read the interview and I didn’t see him trash bitcoin at all

  2. classic move by Sachs and media collusion

  3. Hey now that's a ad that I could see more of.

  4. Fake news made by goldman self. After one day they find out its fake!

  5. 3:31 nice of them to come out and say this 2 days after it happened he should have tweeted that right away before the people freaked

  6. CNBC is Fake News! now they have been branded telling lies!

  7. Алина Николаевна

    We are waiting for the bitcoin's growth. As soon as ascending trend begins, the ZILLIQA token will skyrocket! The price will grow at least by 10 times! I admonish to take part in their token distribution using coinairdrop.ru/free-zil

  8. Goldman Sachs are criminals! #ENDTHEFED

  9. Hey Alt Coin Buzz…..Remember my comment is the video about the market dropping because of the Goldman Sachs news….I called "Bullshit"…. I rest my case, thank you…..

  10. Can you do a video on Vincent Briatore being outed as a crypto scammer? (vincentbriatorescam.com)

  11. This is what we call a… BUY!!!

  12. This would matter if Bitcoin price was driven by news at all

  13. Dumb headline. VeChain!!!!

  14. warren bartholomeo

    Fake news they had everything to do with the fake news with one purpose only to make people panic get the prices to drop and then buy up huge amounts themselves then release the media press saying that it was just fake news They think they’re clever and smart and we the people can’t see what they are doing.

  15. Simple Tricks & Hacks

    very true, so many fake rumors around Goldman Sachs and crypto, one thing I do know that is true about Goldman is they are going to be diversifying into smaller cryptos like XLQ (alqo), KCS (kucoin), BNB (binance), to get in to crypto exchanges to get a control of teh market.

  16. That guy who sold about 100,000 Bitcoin is looking at all this Goldman Sachs news and laughing.

  17. There is no way that just because bitcoin took a 1k hit that at the same time 1600+ coins and tokens would take the very same hit without a whole market manipulator! Something is not right!!!!!

  18. Really? Who gives a shit if Goldman Sachs does or doesn't not enter the crypto sphere? All you get with them is more manipulation and control…sheep

  19. Great video, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

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