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Github Vote EIP: Modify Ethereum Block Mining to be ASIC Resistant! Important! GO AND VOTE!

Create a github account should you wouldn’t have one, it’s going to simplest take a couple of seconds. This is a a lot more necessary vote than the Twitter Vote on Vlad Zamfir’s Twitter.

GitHub EIP : https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/issues/958

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  1. GO VOTE NOW!!! GitHub EIP : https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/issues/958
    If you do not have a GitHub account please create one and VOTE with a THUMB UP! Thank you

  2. Philip Richardson

    Thanks for posting this ..great info …lets hope ETH will hardfork away from Asics ..

  3. Sniper Pro nerf mods

    You already know what I am going to pick, the sad thing is that bitmain already made made profits , but at least we are doing something

  4. Louwrens Stassen

    Not a software guy, plz don't roast me!
    Is there anyway the algorithm itself can change?.. Maybe the block number causes a slight change in the algorithm itself.. That seems like something asics wouldn't be able to cope with yet all gpus/cpus would still be in sync with how they hash each block.

  5. down with bitmain criminals

  6. voted , and I am happy to say no to asic mining , it is evident they have been using them for over a month, as you look at the charts
    on the rise of hashing going on . I Hope bitmain loses a pile of money, the pile they have been stealing from the community all along the way.

  7. Thanks for keeping us updated @Cryptomined. Since monero decided to change pow to keep coin asic-free, others coin will do the same.

  8. I was thumbs up number 212

  9. I created a github acct. and Voted with a vengeful thumbs up! Thanks a lot for bringing this important information to our attention. I sincerely hope that serious, proactive measures are implemented to make Ethereum, or any other Ethash coin or token ASIC resistant. I wonder if an algo could be written that automatically switches up every 60-90 days to make it essentially ASIC-proof? … Hrmmmmm.

  10. Affirmative; voted, and thanks for keeping us posted on the kinds of developments. When I hit ROI, I will come back and donate.

    What are you mining? Seems like many have switched to XMR, I have all my settings for ETH, so I keep trucking even though the difficulty is high. I mine 0.12500000 per pay out, basically 1/8th at a time with Nanopool.

    Thanks for any other information you may provide us. Peace brah.

    Very Respectfully,

  11. Voted thumb up

  12. I voted for hardforking the eth algorithm when ASIC is detected to mine in eth network. However before we decide to hardfork the eth algorithm to stop ASIC from mining eth, we need to find ways to detect them. From the Monero case, The Monero developers did not know that Bitmain had been secretly mining Monero with their ASIC until Bitmain decided to sell the Monero ASIC to their customers. Bitmain or any ASIC producers can always find ways to trick the network to think that their ASIC miners are GPUs.

  13. We all know that GPU is good at processing uniform data right? To prevent ASIC from mining eth, perhaps we can add a synchronised side chain that must be run on CPU from either Intel or AMD to confirm that the miners are using GPUs attached to a normal pc. The additional side chain can also address the scalability issues too. The algorithm for the side chain can then be modified from time to time without triggering hardfork to the main chain. Regular modification or upgrade to the side chain will definitely give headaches to the ASIC operators.

  14. Voted thump UP

  15. Most well known youtubers should do the same you do… Things may change for the better very quick if they all joined together… Lets all vote…

  16. done 🙂

  17. Do they even care for the small time miners? (POS implementation)

  18. Very urgent and important fork!

  19. God I think that issues is very important to the future of crypto mining without a noisy extra expensive mining device in our houses or the like.

  20. yes god I think that's important

  21. HARD FORK !!

  22. Great post! Thanks so much for your great effort to support ALL ETH MINERS! 🙂

  23. i wonder why i cannot vote ?

  24. Voting

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