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Gaz Mining site Payment Proof | Gazmining Site Full Review #2 | $160 bonus Free | RCV Technical

Gaz Mining Payment Proof | Gazmining Site Full Review #2 | zero.00123567 BTC Received | $160 Signup bonus Free | Earn with RCV Technical, rcvtechnical

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  1. we can't withdraw bcoz at first we need to make payment… show us deposit proof or withdraw proof

  2. Bhai Mai bhi video review Diya par 40$ nahi Mila help sir

  3. Very nice video,and very Gaz Mining is a genuine Site

  4. i saw… u got 40usd for video…make a deposit by yourself… den show us

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  6. Deposit hone me Kitna time leta hain kyo ki mene invest Kiya par 24 hours ke bad bhi deposit show Nahi ho raha hain

  7. Sir video send kaise karni Hain or 40$ kaise milega please help me

  8. gazmining.com abhi 381 doller mil raha mera 40$ investment phir bhi withdrawal nhi ho raha .scam site

  9. I have depoited 40$ and after that i received 12$ but from yesterday 381$ bonus was in my withdrawal wallet and when i go for withdrawal there was a message for deposit min 67$ then again i deposit 95$ but still i was unable to withdrawal…..please bro help i am in big lose.i have invested 135$ and only receive 13$

  10. I think it will be a scam

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