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Future of Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin | Fox News

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Cryptocurrency 24 hours 24/7 information
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  1. Ether backed by the dollar..lol

  2. Petter doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Research!

  3. Just because Peter is rich! Doesn’t mean he’s smart…fck this guy..twitter twit. His company has said he will ban crypto ads…so? What’s he angling for?

  4. There will be a Few big players (oligarchies) and a bunch of little ones but less than we have now. Way too many ICO's right now.

  5. He is 100% right, Cardano, EOS, and others with a delegated proof of stake model is how we move forward. These systems need proper governance, treasury, and a constitution to succeed, otherwise, how do you fund and develop these things 100 years from now? 2018 is the year these platforms are running and we start seeing the next round of use cases after crypto kitties. The people who still think Bitcoin is replacing fiat is living back in 2014, the industry has evolved. I believe the term "crypto currency" will go away as will "coins" or "tokens" as they are misnomers. These are all digital assets, they have properties similar to currencies and stocks, but are neither.

  6. Steven Rodriguez

    Electroneum will be the biggest Crypto in the future

  7. Attention a big news that is all cryptocurrencies is going down and its going on till 27/03/2018 .

    SO SELL YOUR ALL COINS NOW OTHERWISE U GET LOSS ON FUTURE . Mostlt bitcoin/ripple /litecoin .

    when its will go down then u can buy now again

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  11. So, you don't think one currency will dominate the market forever? What do you call the dollar since it's the worlds #1 reserve currency and it has dominated the entire global market since 1913? I see Bitcoin replacing the dollar as the worlds reserve currency. Will it be the only cryptocurrency, no it won't there will be many others for many other things.

    Everyone who compares applications (facebook, AOL, Myspace, etc..) to a protocol, severely does not understand the technical side of things as that is not even in the same class of comparisons. Bitcoin is a protocol, everything I just mentioned are applications. Applications run on top of protocols for example; YouTube is an application that is running on top of a protocol (built in the 70s) that everyone is familiar with today called the internet (tcp/ip). Let that sink in.

  12. Somehow many of the talking heads consistently omit, purposefully or not, that Vitalik received a fellowship from Thiel to basically develop ETH instead of attending college, i.e. the Thiel Fellowship, in 2014. Thiel must appreciate the innovation that ETH represents, or at least he once did. Thiel himself likely avoids reminding people of his investment for myriad strategic reasons.

  13. Abra on dat LTC network. Le go.

  14. Lol!! PayPal is just trying to save themselves. Watch out for #Cardano n #ICX

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  17. Fox news is the only real large media outlet that's objective in any way. Most of the others are under the influence of the banks and the Democratic party.

  18. Lot nad kukulczym gniazde jak huj.

  19. A jakie podobne ,Polskie ksero.

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