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Fake News And FUD Are Lowering Crypto Prices

contemporary faux information, constant media FUD and unfavorable mindsets were reducing crypto costs.

why crypto costs are falling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vw7zDtYBbI

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  1. MrSotko CryptoCurrency

    So what do you guys think about a blockchain for speedrun video game times? it sounds unique, and potentially useful to a huge community of people. what about a name? speedruncoin? speedchain? sotkocoin lol…(dont mind me i just like my own name)

  2. Reality is setting in . They are a pile of crap and going to 0. Pure speculation on thin air.

  3. This is a pure manipulation of the market. The banks control the media which is being used to scare the living hell out of crypto buyers , sellers and miners.
    Crypto is very very very bad for banks. It turns the tables on the entire system and gives power back to the people. It is here to stay. It is our future.
    This is the best video explaing crypto I have seen yet.

  4. Above Central Otago

    Hey, Mr Sotko, is there a way to increase your holdings in a depressed market? Like swapping one crypto for another that may not have moved so severely? Any tips?

  5. PropsOnBrainOff FPV

    you can do the speedrunner thing on bitcoin or bitcoin cash. just hash the time into the chain. this has been done befor. similar to this: https://news.bitcoin.com/bitcoin-com-launches-bitcoin-cash-notary-service/

  6. These "startup" coins die the better it is for legit coins to finally prosper. We are repeating the dot com bubble. The winners will be revealed. I'm keeping money in ETH, BTC, and LTC. Ripple wouldn't hurt either; because let's face it, the government won't just standby and let cryptocurrency kill it's power on it's monopoly on money. Eventually, only the strongest coins will survive and all these ICOs will stop or fall on the way side as a full scam.


  8. Jonathan G. Rodriguez

    Thank you for sharing this information

  9. seems like bitcoin.com is the downer all notification i receive are about bad news

  10. Was bitconnect fake news ??

  11. You are my favourite government crypto spy. My second favourite is Trevon James.

  12. Thanks for the news, and good idea but the program recording your screen would have to be attached to the blockchain to so you couldnt just cut it or what have you

  13. We might be looking at this wrong… the nonstop FUD might be a good thing right now. BTC was very due a correction and maybe the FUD is helping drive it to the bottom as fast as possible.

  14. Litecoin is a total disaster for the last 2 months mate not sure what will fix this

  15. 27th Comment, WOO-HOO!!! …God, GunZ n Beer…

  16. Why is Eth only down 3-4% from a month ago where as every other major crypto is down 40-50%

  17. Hi, what do you think about icoreview.site for evaluating ico's?

  18. I have an idea for a coin. First of all it would be called YoMamaCoin. You would have to be black, buttugly and weigh atleast 400lbs to be able to own any YoMamaCoins. Mining these coins would be done by eating KFC. What do you think?

  19. Hey MrSotko…. NiceHash Has increased the min payout again it is now at 0.005!!!!!!!!! When will this Stop?

  20. Quentin Eugene Watson

    If you get that govt pay check remember your followers "cut" as well ;->

  21. YES, EXACTLY. People are running scared from the market because of so many Youtubers posting the death of Bitcoin (and they have no idea what they're talking about).

  22. Hello MrSotko. First of all, thank you for all the videos you upload and all the value included in them.

    For your off topic:
    It's not bad idea to record historical data "locked" in blockchain (for your idea "the speed time"), but I believe that blockchain did't design it for that reason.
    As idea is amazing of course. Something unchangeable and recorded in blockchain it's fantastic for a lot of reasons.

    I believe that a service that records "time line" data on blockchain it will be success. So we need a 2nd layer over blockchain to record "time line data" and a 3rd layer for your idea 🙂 or other ideas 🙂

    PS: I type this msg with out reserch or filter my thoughts. Sorry for my English.

  23. Hey MrSotko what do you think of CPChain?

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