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Ethereum Undecided About Direction

For the final seven days or so Ethereum has dipped and bounced again over the 385 degree a number of instances and it kind of feels that it simply can not make up its thoughts about the place to move.

The long-term downtrend appears to be intact, there hasn’t been a problem to it. But on the similar time 385 is appearing as a powerful enhance line and a undeniable battleground between the bears and the bulls.

What are elements impacting Ethereum presently? What are the nearest ranges to look at at the day by day and hourly charts? Check out our video and tell us should you agree or disagree within the feedback.

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  1. thanks!!

  2. Thank you.

  3. Should go up from here after fighting in 350to419 level for days now. That would be the sign of crypto reversal.

  4. muhammed kanteh


  5. If it crosses 600 what is the prediction?

  6. Davidd welcome back))

  7. Sandile Ntombela

    yeay you are back thanks the pope

  8. David Jones is awesome! I think you’re right about Ethereum not hitting $600 anytime soon. The downtrend will continue until mid summer to hit a 6 month low of $209 before rebounding, that’s when the bulls will come in and take the market back above $600 in late July/early August 2018

  9. Denise aka KryptoMom

    Thank you, very much for this. I enjoy your analysis, you make it clear and easy to understand.

  10. Undecided is better than down trend ☺

  11. Easy. Down. Just like Dow johns 🙂 It’s not time yet wait till btc is 3 k then etherium will be way lower than today. Then buy and hope

  12. David is back!!!! You can't be replaced mate

  13. Great analysis man. Subbed!
    Lot of FUD going on around and i don't see market recovering anytime soon. I still think large number of Whales accumulated when the news broke out that ETH will be going POS. But now they are probably dumping it. I would still wait a bit longer to accumulate more ETH as you said. 🙂
    I would love to see your analysis on various privacy coins like DeepOnion & Nav Coin. They probably have one of the best tech behind them and not many are aware of it.

  14. Thank you David, have a good weekend.

  15. ASIC's are not so bad so long as the network is supported by another means as well, such as POS coins. For instance, DeepOnion is mined with ASICs but the network is secured because its hybrid POW/POS. At the moment, Eth is pure POW, which is normally alarming for a crypto that is mined with ASICs, but because the ASICs are not going to completely destroy gpu mining I think it will be ok. Implementing minting in the Eth network will of course help.

  16. ETH has been tipped to overtake Bitcoin but it really has not done well. So my main focus have now switched to privacy coins like Monero, DeepOnion and ZCash etc. They are the future of the crypto currencies.

  17. Really enjoy your analysis! I am more of a long term investor than a trader. Would love to hear your views on underrated privacy coins like DeepOnion and Sumokoin since I think 2018 will be a great year for privacy oriented cryptos in general.

  18. Etherium two minds? Ethereum is brainless and will soon become worthless!

  19. i hope not only eth but the whole crypto market finally choose the right direction (the green one 🙂
    during these weeks my holdings have seen a constant decline but i can stand it, it is not the first time, nor will be the last one.
    thank you for your analysis but what you think about privacy coins? will they be hot in 2018, or better is there the possibility that new projects like deeponion will follow same path monero and dash experienced last year? i would love to ear your opinion on this subject

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