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EOS Mega Update Vol 13: MyEOSWallet release! Chintai & REX comparison, EOS Airdrops, BP Collusion

Topic checklist and time stamps:
• MyEOSWallet (Special free up announcement) (1:03-)
• Chintai (6:18-)
• Chintai vs REX (comparability of a few Pros and Cons) (12:17-)
• EOS Blocksmith dashboard web page (13:36-)
• All EOS airdrops knowledge in a single position (14:34-)
• Claimdrops as opposed to Airdrops (16:13-)
• Block.one responds referring to BP collusion (17:31-)
• Ideas for bettering vote distribution and equity (19:17-)
• How to stake with EDNA tokens (21:48-)
• Block.one iOS cellular pockets (22:35-)
• Mereo, unbiased block manufacturer rankings platform (23:23-)
• EOS CPU usage is changing into extra environment friendly (24:52-)

Detailed subject breakdown:

• Breaking information and particular announcement: My EOS Wallet (MEOW). Created by means of developer AltShiftDev. An choice to Scatter for wallets. Don’t need to obtain the rest.

• Chintai, useful resource lending platform, very similar to REX however to be had lately.

• Chintai vs REX (comparability of a few Pros and Cons)

Chintai has zero charges, in contrast to REX which may have a nil.five% price in keeping with business.
You would possibly not get airdrops (for now) when you stake you tokens on Chintai. The Chintai group is operating on including airdrop give a boost to. And you’ll be able to now not stake each at the REX and Chintai with the similar tokens (REX and Chintai are competing platforms).? 10 EOS is minimal order measurement. Test with a small quantity sooner than doing higher order sizes. Chintai does not praise vote casting just like the REX will. Chintai makes vote casting for BPs non-compulsory; it’s going to cut back REX’s effectiveness of encouraging vote casting.

What audience will hire from Chintai? Chintai reaction: “It’s principally going to be Dapp builders who want get right of entry to to very large quantities of assets. We’re development the liquidity pool that industry will be capable to make the most of to make their Dapp extra reasonably priced to run, whilst on the identical time giving customers the chance to earn pastime on their unused EOS. Chintai takes no charges and is a neighborhood owned/backed venture.”

• CPU utilization down over previous 30 days as EOS blockchain turns into extra environment friendly.

• EOS Blocksmith creates Dashboard webpage

• EOS Airdrop tick list

EOS airdrop checklist…

• Brendan Blumer, CEO of block.one, recognizes block manufacturer vote casting considerations & makes legit observation

• Ideas for bettering vote distribution and equity

• How to Stake EDNA Tokens with Greymass Wallet:

• Block.one pockets submitted to iOS app retailer and expecting approval

Is the wait over? from eos

• Solutions for BP collusion

• Mereo – unbiased EOS Block Producer rankings platform

• EOS CPU usage is changing into extra environment friendly.

EOS blockchain is getting better by the minute from eos

• Shout out to Kyle of EOS Vibes for being a BP, hanging out nice content material & services and products to the neighborhood. His group additionally made eos-account-creator which they mentioned they’re including Ledger pockets give a boost to.

• Shout out to Investing with a Difference YouTube channel. I like to recommend him as a useful resource to be told extra about EOS. Also, he has a vote casting proxy, “investingwad”, which has many just right BP choices. If you are now not absolutely trained in BPs, then vote for him as a proxy and you’re going to have executed the neighborhood a provider.

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Disclaimer: The perspectives expressed on this video are strictly my very own and don’t seem to be to be construed as buying and selling recommendation. Do now not purchase, promote or in a different way business cryptocurrency according to the content material of this video. I’m simply sharing what I’ve executed and what I’d do in more than a few eventualities as an academic instrument handiest.

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