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Elliott Wave Forex and Cryto Currency Market Analysis 25-29 June 2018

June 25-29 2018 Market Analysis

Learn How to business the markets the usage of our strategic Elliott Wave Analysis. Spot very low chance
access spaces, maximize earnings through the usage of tight stops and letting our earnings run.

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The subsequent direction begins at the Nine-16 July 2018. Course is to be had on movies to get began prior to the reside direction in July.
03:45 Trades recap

13:15 EURUSD & DXY Correlation
13:40 EURUSD
15:47 GBPUSD
17:50 USDCAD
21:35 USDCHF
25:00 AUDUSD
26:58 NZDUSD
27:39 USDZAR

30:39 GBPJPY
32:50 USDJPY
34:44 EURJPY
36:36 CHFJPY
37:38 AUDJPY
38:31 NZDJPY
39:12 CADJPY

40:28 GBPCAD
41:35 GBPAUD
42:54 GBPCHF
45:40 GBPND

47:20 EURGBP
49:30 EURNZD
50:58 EURAUD
52:56 EURCAD
55:17 EURCHF

56:24 AUDNZD
58:00 AUDCAD

58:54 NZDCAD
1:09:57 CADCHF

1:04:35 Gold
1:06:53 Silver

1:07:29 Oil

1:11:17 S&P500
1:13:57 NASDAQ
1:15:45 UK500
1:17:06 NIKKEI
1:18:03 DAX
1:19:00 NIFTY

1:19:50 Bitcoin
1:21:53 Litecoin
1:23:24 Ethereum
1:24:25 Ripple


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  1. Will your TA change perspective if the 20k high is the 3rd wave (some analyst where tracing back from genesis 10 years ago and its possible 20k is not the 5th) while the current down trend is the 4th retracement?

  2. Great analysis as always.

  3. thanks victor

  4. it is now 5 am london time , june 25th……i think the eur/cad will continue to rise till, at least, 1560 before it drops

  5. Hi Victor, I've been watching your weekly analysis specifically for crytpo for a few months, your TA has been one of the best and most accurate I've seen. Could you please label the corrective structure once for bitcoin – I have not seen you do this yet in any detailed manner. Specifically is the first yellow impulse a 1 or A, and is the red corrective flat projecting as a WXY? And finally, what would the inner green wave be labelled as? Thanks again, love your work!

  6. Victor can you please give your opinion on whether Elliot's pattern AB exists in the market and that both Pretcher and Frost were wrong to discard it. Thank you.

  7. Good call on oil Victor but it will be strange if oil falls back to around 62 like you predict given it hit around 73 the other day (perhaps some more upside still but again I will be very surprised if oil falls to around 62 like you predict as I would think the pullback should be smaller but just my opinion).

  8. Thanks Victor

  9. who downloaded it guys?

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