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Electroneum: Get Rich Quick Scheme??? – MoonQuest is now The Quorra Show – Ep 1

Welcome to The Quorra Show! Tyler discusses whats happening within the Crypto World and the way it pertains to Electroneum.

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**This is no longer monetary recommendation. Anything and the whole lot discussed is simply my opinion and will have to no longer be taken as monetary recommendation. Whatever making a decision to do is your individual resolution and will have to be accomplished with an intensive idea procedure.

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  1. This is the new name for our MoonQuest series

  2. If Richard thinks were going to have like 20 million users soon, then he must have some big deals. He would not say that if he didnt think he would happen. So yes your right bro!

  3. Come on Tyler, At least get a Tesla

  4. Electroneum Universe

    Sweet Tyler! Great job man. I'm looking forward to seeing the upcoming videos.

  5. Been a supporter from day 1 I really appreciate your videos , see you at the top bro!

  6. Nice Tyler…any ETN coffee cups on board…greetings from Australia

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