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Easy Electroneum (ETN) mining for Windows users (CPU mining)

Easy CPU Mining for Windows Users. With this miner, Electroneum can deal with each short time.

Electroneum Pools for miner obtain: http://etn.top-miningpool.eu/

Miner environment:

1. Download and set up the miner from http://etn.top-miningpool.eu/
2. Run the miner
three. Set set of rules: Cryptonight
four. Name the Mining Pool
five. Set the Poola deal with: top-miningpool.european:3333
6. Enter the deal with of your ETN pockets
7. Type password x
eight. Click OK
nine. Click Start and Watch Mining

Text instructional: http://etn.top-miningpool.eu/cpuminer.html

Create Electroneum offline pockets: https://downloads.electroneum.com/offline_paper_electroneum_walletV1.5.html

Create Electroneum on-line pockets:

ETN: etnkK6gwCgPJhWahup6FhY21ZCtriuGVY6G8qm71jNxwV3XYJYX3kRxD5aF8fhaowRhYrYE3RTDhBH8dCvC3aaKr3cAWj2P5qE

BTC: 3Pc3Z7inkepdaD3ufqWXx7bUeKUPYwTC72

ETH: 0x7e4f3eebd51185165a4e10ba8f8b5a984eb4ae40

XMR: 484DT2Y51rUeKhNdEB1DUWDZMsTqJn8iR9QDNebCYeh9H1ZTXUaJw4RWbwaVe4vUMveKAzAiA4j8xgUi29TpKXpm3xhVy5W


ZEC: t1eqYoVPMZPNjbTgM2sLV3PgvxSVnnLkRzu

LTC: LectPaY1XpVifup2YKM9HqbkXGGErw4XbW

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  1. This is Fake mining pool !!!! Dont mining of them. I mined over 48h with average speed about 400H/s and I was over 26 000 000 Hashes, 0.00 ETN Pending balance 0.00 ETN Payout. When stop mining and start again my account go to ZERO Hashes. I Lost about 48H work my machine. Thats All. Another mining pools give me in the same time of mining about 10.00+ ETN

  2. Crypto Conversations

    Fascinating video

  3. WD or SCAM bro?

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