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Digibyte Technical Analysis July 2018

Digibyte Technical Analysis July 2018 Digibyte coin value research. Digibyte value prediction. Digibyte technical research. Digibyte $1 Bitcoin Bubble Bitcoin Crash Bitcoin to the moon. Bitcoin value prediction 2018. Bitcoin value prediction. Bitcoin value technical research Bitcoin Price Trading Technical Analysis.

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  1. Great analysis. Thank you

  2. thank you

  3. nice..cheers.. since u mentioned sia.. can u share a thought about it? i like it.. and see great potential for it, yet on the technical side an IT frnd tells me it has a still is a long way from ready.. i dont mind that though!

  4. dam bro. u looking SHARP!!.

  5. michael campbell


  6. Darth Crypto@ToolFreeCrypto

  7. I bought 10000.

  8. Gigabyte is going up because on 25 July they will listed on DAX

  9. I don’t think chart has anything to do with it this time all the respect and love for you

  10. Watch what happens July 9 . It’s going to move up.

  11. Good analysis. DigiByte looks bullish long term.

  12. You should be a therapist my man. I have a position but was about to FOMO into more. Smh. Thank you for talking me out of that poor choice lol have a good rest of your weekend.

  13. Awesome analysis. I love DGB and it's my largest holding. What do you think about Nano? Good or shit coin?

  14. I think you are in the wrong side of the market. bitcoin just hit 6818 now.

  15. Another fantastic video. You are helping the inexperienced like myself understand where we are in the market. It makes a big difference, Thank You.

  16. WXYXZ. Almost all of the alt coins are following this corrective pattern. If any of your alt coins don't at least make the second X wave, kiss it goodbye and start writing the eulogy.

  17. Thanks buddy. Yea my strategies are really great. My 55/99 IchEMA strategy is amazingly accurate. You know I'm in DGB with you. The entire group knows about DGB so many of my members are in there with us! So much potential right now. Massive potential!

  18. Marcos Roberto

    Gochain, a coin that promises to be a new Blockchain Etherium 100x faster.
    That buying Gochain today will be the same as buying Etherium years ago.

  19. That’s what the founders of digibyte said about two weeks ago On YouTube

  20. Please let me know if my information is accurate or no thanks

  21. DGBAT should make some images of the DGB tech like Digi shield, Digi ID etc and also push the adoption of the tech. Hope you get this message appreciate what you guys do. Good video.

  22. Talking about 2500 Btc is laughable, that would bring us down to a 50billion dollar market. EXTREMELY unlikely. I can understand 5kbtc again but not much lower.

  23. Dgb still going up

  24. DGB is solid shown a lot of strength in this down cycle

  25. dam need an update, are we close to top or is it going lot more high ? is hit gonna to the 700- 800 sat area ? i think it s still not done gonna past 650 probably , some people says it s just the start on the next high going lot higher

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