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Daily: WTF is Bitcoin Diamond / Altcoins Attack!

Bitcoin Diamond forked the day past, giving everybody who was once conserving Bitcoin on the time 10 BCD for each and every BTC. Altcoins are on a big rally lately
1:00 Market Analysis
four:02 Bitcoin Diamond?
6:52 Bitcoin Account Holder Loses $100Ok Over Public Wireless Network
eight:24 Korea’s Second Largest Bank Building Secure Crypto Wallet Services
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Discuss Bitcoin Diamond: https://forums.boxmining.com/threads/bitcoin-diamond-bcd-hard-fork-today.249/

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  1. SCAM ALERT—–tONE vAYS and Jimmy Song now.

  2. How can i claim my bitcoin diamond? I had btc on my trezor before the fork

  3. Yep, and this is the time I am considering to unsubscribe from your channel. I'll give you a week or two and see how your videos in the future look like. But man, you should call out scammers when you see one. It is beyond me why you don't warn people about the potential risks of Bitcoin Gold and Diamond. The warning signs are all over the place anyway. You have a very large following and I think you should care enough of your viewers.

  4. That spike that went up yesterday was amazing

  5. Forkin' Crazy!! @boxmining Could you do a video on how to claim BTG, and other forked coins on Trezor? And maybe compare Trezor to Ledger? I watch and like your vids everyday you da man

  6. Electron Resonator

    Bitcoin free money, as long as you HODL it, it grows into a money tree, the branch just pop out here and there and keep gaining values as the tree getting bigger

  7. Dash is the dark horse.

  8. My coin will be named Bitcoin Bitcoin and I will win all of it. It will be worth 20 billion per coin. Wait but then someone will name it Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin.

  9. When will bitcoin diamond be available?

  10. When will this fork be avalible at Bitrex/private keys?

  11. Agartha Asgard[HODL]

    better then bitcoin? ur photo is like ur face. FAKE!

  12. reynir sigurvin Brynjolfsson

    How do you claim your bitcoin diamond?

  13. Hi, I control my private keys, how do I claim my BCD ?

  14. 케이코 믿지마라 다 날린다

  15. Henrik Arvidsson

    invest when noone else does is the way to get the real profit 🙂 everyone believed it was fake time will prove otherwise

  16. I came here to hear about bitcoin Diamond and your rambling on about other coins

  17. If bitcoin is 20k then at ten to one is bitcoin diamond true worth 2k ?, at time of writing this it is up 400% and about $350

  18. I have little bit bitcoin on coinbase…when it forks how do I get it?

  19. Diamond to the moon

  20. hellow bro can you please also explained about bcx

  21. In addition to improving Bitcoin’s decentralization, Bitcoin Diamond users get better security for their bitcoins, privacy features not available in other wallets, a choice of user interfaces and several other powerful features. You can mine BCD using the full node wallet. https://eveybcd.com

  22. They can fork a thousand times and there would still be more than enough money in the world to invest in them all.

  23. my head hurts.

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