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Cryptocurrency REGULATION PROBLEMS explained!

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  1. So far, I am not impressed with the U.S. govt's regulation. KYC requirement for ICO can bring serious problem. Many ICOs are scam. Basically, we have to give away our personal info to strangers (mostly scam artists), esp foreigners who are very hard to be caught. Those strangers can sell our info, use it for hacking, or even use it for robbing our home. They will know who has crypto and where it is. Our safety will be in danger. Does the govt care about this? Heck No. They only focus on collecting tax.

  2. Goverements around the world don't want their friends (banks) go to dust, and they'll use any chance to prevent or at least delay cryptocurrency revolution. They'll try to make cryptocurrency centralized and censorship vulnerable again, like you can use Bitcoin, but only with our multisig wallet, and our bank will have the second key. We'll monitor all your traffic through ISPs and as soon as you try to transact with a new wallet -sic-, go to police with a convincing letter why did you want to do this.

  3. Ricardo Dasilva

    Greed is a problem… ppl trade and loose … just get a digital wallet circulate and save

  4. As an American, I can ensure you the SEC and IRS will bone me and other American Digital Asset Investors HARD, whatever they do.

  5. Supercars Hunter

    The whole crypto is shit…!!!

  6. Great information bro thanks

  7. I bought a new phone and kept the same number but traded in my old phone not knowing about disabling anything. They just transferred everything from my old phone to the new phone coinbase authenticators and all. I go to my laptop to log in and can't it says invalid. So they had me redo an account recovery and when it gets to where they say they will send verification code to my text nothing is ever sent. I get texts from every other place except for coinbase verification code. Now I can't get back into my account. Any know what to do?

  8. Edward Elvefors

    Goverments are always so slow. At least I don't live in the us, but my country is slow on regulations aswell. But so far, i only have to pay capital taxes once i turn crypto to fiat (wich i won't for a long time – HODL!). Thanks for great videos – keep up the good work. The offer still stands that i buy you a beer if you visit Stockholm someday. Take care!

  9. idk why this is so hard for the SEC lol
    essentially if something is mined 100% by the public then its a currency
    any sort of premine or fee that benefits the developers is a security
    one is public domain the other is like a stock

  10. Isn't the whole point of cryptocurrency so we DON'T have to deal with these f**** assholes?

  11. Really appreciate your coverage and insights on these important topics even though your not from the US

  12. thanks big guy !

  13. Mariano Esteban Rossi

    Sunny what gain to declare , everything is red on my portfolio!!! :))))

  14. Who the hell disliked the video

  15. Your new background is awesome! Keep up the good videos!

  16. There is no thought that the current way things are going, we really need regulation.

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  17. SEC is a joke

  18. Sunny are you watching Omar Isuf?

  19. Why no segwit address bro where's the 3 at. ??

  20. Colton Brummel

    US Gov = TOTAL satanic CUNTS.

  21. that lion is nice

  22. Fucking Fuder retarded

  23. Really glad I don't have US citizenship.

  24. Florian Silbereisen

    Sunny, Sugar, Darling, Honey where have you learn so good english hahahahah. Sukar Honey Sunny, do you idiot really think that anybody care abotuh bitcoin now or in future, do you know that you can also buy a pizza with euro or dollar honey hahahaah?

  25. Ricardo De kruijf

    Hello guys I find a new way for the best cryptocurrency and it works well visit the website for more information https://bit.ly/2GffRUn

  26. Obsoletefreedom


  27. reh-JIST-er

  28. Hey Sunny, what happened to your old studio?

  29. Michael Mwakazi

    Great video

  30. Sajed Goodarzi

    Thank you awesome content in this channel

  31. Breaking Toast

    using fear to control cryptos this is not what we wanted

  32. What if Crypto is gambling? Gambling profits are tax free.

  33. I moving to Switzerland!

  34. What if the USA government goes broke like Venezuela or Brazil before regulation kicks in does that mean Wall Street missed its chance to buy up bitcoin.

  35. Mark Francisco

    Low energy bro! What's up man! YOu are usually so pumped!

  36. c'mon man. i bet you cashed out already

  37. vitaLickMyButerin

    I am so bullish right now. Woo Hooo!!!!

  38. So that means I got to move to Switzerland not to pay on gains.

  39. Antonio Escudero Castro

    You still thinking that Nebulas (NAS) will do great this year?

  40. Everybody wants to be your neighbor. Lol.

  41. damn son. bitcoin just pumped 300$. where is your next bullish video????

  42. Two days without videos? where is Sunny? <3

  43. Mark Francisco

    What's going on Man…! Sunny you covered a lot of ground here. I wish I lived in Switzerland. Yes these rat-bastards are not a part of the US government. They are private entities that work outside of the US gov't that regulate people in the US… No matter how a person tries to get ahead in this country there is someone there to stop you. This country was founded on getting ahead without regulations. If a perosn can get ahead before "they" put the locks on you, then you can succeed. Otherwise, this so called Gov't BS will shut you doun… sounds a little like the book, "brave new world" written back in the 1920's. Anyway, good work… keep it up my friend!

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