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Cryptocurrency Markets Soar | What am I Buying Today?

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Cryptocurrency Markets Soar | What am I Buying Today?


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  2. 0x9932eFA1C9a844b0f139c46eD65253221bC3fB19

    Grats on not knocking the green screen over or wearing a green shirt haha #ClassicSneh

  3. Independent Alternative Medias of Australia


  4. Always informative, thx guys

  5. Sam, do you believe in taxes, or do you believe in appropriating your money the way you see best? And, what percentage is too high? If 100% is absolute slavery, at what percent does it become morally ok?

  6. I have similar crypto habits to you. Learning quickly after getting in end of December. Buying good quality, holding long term, not worrying when a ship sails, trying to pick up as much btc as I can while still using a bit for altcoins. Im on a very small scale though.. Thanks for good knowledge!

  7. I want to hold WABI though…

  8. Yep, the more they spend, they get a bigger budget next year, so think they need to spend it no matter what, great point

  9. Should ain’t the issue- in the US, paying tax is the law. 0x3df4A0E74C4635189d0948d2614329171B921ccA

  10. 1. When you talk about “up”, 4 example kyber, should you not be using BTC valuation? So kyber would actually be down, no? 2. Nice flips on wabi & UTRUST opinion. 0x3df4A0E74C4635189d0948d2614329171B921ccA

  11. Zilliqa opinion? 0x3df4A0E74C4635189d0948d2614329171B921ccA

  12. I hope we have one more slight nice dip before the run up 0x955100bf9c3f505efaadd13c701fe0963b2d4805jj

  13. I don't follow your logic on taxes. Who's going to fund roads, schools etc. etc. if individuals can decide what to do with their tax money? SpaceX is amazing, but it's not a substitute for schools and roads.

    On the contrary, I think the US should follow countries with true welfare and RAISE it's taxes. Free education and healthcare seems a lot better than whatever you guys are doing across the ocean.

    Not saying the tax money couldn't be spent better, it certainly could. But that should be decided by the government(although, you should probably get a new one), not by individuals. It's just naive to think that would work imho.

    With widespread automation and AI in the future, I think unemployment rates could skyrocket. Universal Basic Income might be the only solution, which would make people even more dependent on the government. Hence, I'd say fixing the government and the taxes is a lot better than removing them.


  14. Awesome live stream! 0x77F7FD883F73af26a5300cC3e6Bb7e59a4351496

  15. Good stuff as always. Gutted I halved my Litecoin stack during Charlie-gate


  16. you've developed the same tonality as that obnoxious dude with the ponytail, always calling every coin a "token" and talking about the "space"… constantly

  17. Ugh….really was high on utk. You had to bust my bubble. Lol


  18. I agree that if the tax rate if ridiculously high you have the freedom to look elsewhere. Keep up the grear work!


  19. I think you misunderstand the necessity of certain taxation and social safety nets. Taxes may be high, but If we just relied on charity to protect the vulnerable, far more people would be left out.

    But that being said, you're point on military spending is accurate, but that is because Lockheed Martin, Boeing, etc have bought the politicians. They fund the campaigns. The best way to change that is to join efforts to bring a constitutional amendment to get money out of politics and remove the horrendous new rule that gives corporations personhood and protects political "donations" (bribes) as free speech.

  20. Why would you get out of Litecoin when a fork/airdrop is imminent?

  21. ICON has dropped alot and now is the perfect time to buy. Any of the interoperability coins are a good bet for the future of crypto.


  22. TRX… healing the internet through Star Trek… not sure why you keep promoting that project… great content otherwise.

  23. You are saying, you do not want to pay taxes because you build your own stuff. Do you build roads and schools? I get really annoyed with that libertarian crap: "We are all individuals, and what I create should stay mine and mine alone!" It is the philosophy of egotism. We are social beings and as those, we need to share. Libertarians want to give only as a charitable act but also the weak, the old, the young, the stupid and the sick, have a right to their share. Taxes are the way to share within a society on the basis of law. Think again!

  24. Grzegorz Karbowniczek

    Great work !!!!

  25. To the moon

  26. Keep up the good work!


  27. To the moon and beyond.

  28. I was wondering how many people think that litecoin will go up by the end of the year

  29. Fell asleep listening to you last night haha I had to rewatch today. I was tired, not that you were boring haha

  30. Thanks for the vid x 0x647d1d5b8e86d097c730dedc868b085c1481b131

  31. I think businesses can afford to pay more taxes especially if they are being really successful

  32. coinbase has to many problems and fees are ridiculously high, they are greedy and had that insider trading scandal and are stealing money from their customers although they will be refunding them (recent news)

  33. I'm surprised how fast you kicked UTK to the curb. First, if your faith in this coin was hinging on just a single product release by another company, then it seems you didn't really believe much in it in the first place. Second, I think there is plenty of room for multiple solutions in the payment space. Every other space in crypto (decentralized exchanges, etc.) has multiple offerings. Finally, you are worried about Coinbase? They have bungled many things over the years. I think UTK has a great chance of creating something much better than Coinbase. Still, like the videos, so thanks.

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