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Cryptocurrency Market Update – Bitcoin Futures Affect

Guys, I believe it will be somewhat naive to forget about the possible function of Bitcoin Futures in the marketplace. As I define on this video I believe as despite the fact that, the Futures function available in the market is really useful, even if if we the Altcoin Army, do not need the fitting outlook on managing this dynamic then how are we able to be ready? We are working underneath a “The extra means”

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  1. Futures manipulation is illegal in the USA.

  2. Buzz my altcoin Jeff !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kunwar Amir Khusro

    Any telegram channel for signals?

  4. Please talk about your trading pairs! Are you trading in BTC pairs? USDT pairs or both? And how do you take your profits? From BTC or from USDT? Thanks in advance

  5. Groestlcoin already does what most of these coins are promising

  6. Would really like to hear a video about the top 50 coins. Specifically QASH!

  7. Jaime Enrique Cruz

    Prepare to blast off

  8. Jaime Enrique Cruz

    chart says its TIME

  9. Jaime Enrique Cruz


  10. Jaime Enrique Cruz


  11. When does the next CME BTC futures contract end?

  12. If a few whales agreed to buy from each other at increasing prices they could probably drive prices up while not actually losing any money. It would be easier on smaller markets though. How would they know they were buying from each other and not random market users? By using code price values, like ending in a certain sequence, say 987. Maybe that's why we see such odd figures in many markets, bots or whales are communicating with each other. So we just crack their code and exploit them, if they're even really doing that.

  13. Jaime Enrique Cruz


  14. aziz ahamad chaudhary

    Tel coin is next 50x coin.give your review please.

  15. Will this circle of the futures stall the market and stop long term growth?

  16. Jeff Possibility of (both directions HUGE sharp spikes?). Im predicting something wild so Im playin it safe in alt called bitcedi ….

  17. AltcoinBuzz, If Korean prices are still excluded on Coin Market Cap doesn't that make it unrealistic for the total market cap to return to 800 billion, at least for a while or until those prices are included again?

  18. Keep up the good work Altcoin Buzz team… Will you be having any meet ups soon Jeff?

  19. Jeff, Token pay is not trust worthy. Refusing to refund 1100 of my dollars.

  20. Its better not to be too invested in BTC. There is a danger that banksters will hoard so much of the BTC for themselves that they will be able to take it up and down as they like.

  21. Podcast: review coins, top200, new coins, exchanges, trading tips

  22. Electroneum. Still far under a dollar. But when the mobile mining will be realeased it will be HUGE!

  23. Hey Jeff! What do you think about Telcoin (TEL)?

  24. Bitcoin futures brings the institutional money in… for better or for worse.

  25. I love the realness my man¡ Keep up the great work!

  26. Some good points on the futures in this video . I would just like to add that Jeff is correct , banks and institutions are allowed to put their money where they want when they want ( within regulatory controls ) but if there is collusion proved , i.e. all the banks get together and say ok we are pushing it down to this price area so we can cover our futures shorts on this date . That is manipulation , its a subtle difference but a difference all the same and that will get the notice of the regulators ( or maybe not as it has been happening for years on other commodities etc . ) and could lead to new rules . The points about taking note of futures closing dates , rumours where The Street might be ( long or short ) are also very valid . Thanks for another good vid .

  27. Given all the FUD being spread by MSM recently about BTC and other alts I would bet that Futures will expect to raise BTC value this time around. Remember they want to do what people least expect.

  28. Check Arbitrage Crypto Trader (ARCT) token!
    Auto trading on multiple exchanges and pairs simultaneously – May 2018 – great passive income project!

  29. Jeff your a legend, have style and delivery. Pleasure to listen to and informative, been subbed since 14k followers, how fast your have growth, i think you will double your subcribors by end of year easy. That been said, that will only mean that crash at christmas is going to probably destroy people financially for 3-4 generations.

    Greed is a killer…. it will be sooo soooo soooo hard to pull out your money when it is at 70-100K but you will have to.. of course there are coins like ETHER, LTC DASH that will hold there value but the rest, back to ground zero.

    Trading these markets in not a joke, i keep posting this video because it sums up what crypto is FAIRY DUST.


  30. Hey Jeff, Interesting article about bubbles and why we’re not in it:) https://www.forbes.com/sites/wwoo/2017/09/29/is-bitcoin-in-a-bubble-check-the-nvt-ratio/#18e0e1176a23

  31. Now you're just copying other Youtubers)))
    Stolen from Crypto99

  32. Vert coin is trash. Tbh there will never be another LTC. All of these emerging wannabe LTC coins may have better tech but history shows that mass adoption doesn't always choose the best tech hence why people still sell their kidneys for apple products

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  35. Love your videos guys, could you please do some reviews on upcoming ICOs? (Bee token, Life ID, Medicalchain, Blockport, Go, Apex, Dadi…) There are too many to keep up with! Thanks again for sharing the wealth! 🙂

  36. Everyday Crypto Trader

    There is another future contract ending the 26th i think that will also be a shorted bet. expect another hard dip then a shot to the moon for the long bet on next future.

  37. Yep. The bottom line is that whales ARE manipulating the crypto market. When whales make money once they will repeat the pattern over and over. New readers, don't forget the WHOLE crypto market cap is less than Microsoft's alone.

  38. great content and videos mate!

  39. Hi I want you to talk about Dascoin, due to hit the exchange in 2 months.

  40. Vertcoin will go up!!!

  41. I just got 0.1 BTC via this website. Google "bitxploit" for more info

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