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Cryptocurrency Market Growing Steadily | Bitcoin Gaining Dominance

February was once an ideal month for Cryptocurrency on the whole, despite the fact that there have been some that won greater than others. Even with a moderately wholesome marketplace, which confirmed indicators of forged reinforce ranges when wanted, there are nonetheless many of us in the market who’re lower than positive about crypto.

The bandwagon of December turns out to had been quick lived for the time, however as our previous buddy Obi Wan Kenobi as soon as mentioned “They’ll be again, and in larger numbers.”

Those who can climate the top seas will reap the best praise when pay filth will get hit. March 2018 has already proven that it’s off to a wholesome get started, and if stipulations can take care of during the 12 months, a $1 Trillion Market Cap might not be to this point out of achieve.

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  1. GVT and ETHOS…….buy now or be sorry later.

  2. 2 cryptos that have seen decent action lately: Nexus and Theta Token

  3. Who did he say to follow for technical analysis??

  4. What do you think about Verge xvg???

  5. Did anybody here about the Kala Token ICO?

  6. Good work Steve. My biggest holdings are in Ethereum, LiteCoin and OmiseGo. For me these are very long term HODLing.

  7. your thoughts about NEXO ICO please?

  8. Hey ! i really see CSC / CasinoCoin.org having bright future in regulated online gambling!

  9. Steve.. Hello friend. Been too long.

  10. Most bullish on NULS. Fully modular platform token, testnet this month. Main net in 2 months. This is like buying NEO when it was under 2usd.

  11. I got some wins from Verge, Monero & Populous, miss out Nano surge (sold it too early), and a bunch of other loses. HODL on GVT and LTC atm.

  12. 19s9q29UZp6s9CXC76mMHMeCmAJXbgEndk bitcoin donation ,thx

  13. You must see something with LTC that I don't. Charlie repudiated LCC therefore it's not authentic


  15. scroll down to see the dollar value!

  16. xrp,,,,,,trx,poet,bat

  17. Please check your screen capture.

  18. Great video, big fan of Altcoin buzz. Was wondering if you could look into Iungo. (ING)
    It's the first ico i got into.
    I think it's a really great idea. A decentrilized wifi provider that pays you in ing tokens. Anyway great work and would love to hear your thoughts about Iungo

  19. Bulwark…

  20. Robert Tomkinson

    Those are not big swings for the 7 day ethereum chart. They're only 2.5-3.0%. Keep in mind the price range shown on the right of the chart.P.S.You should scroll down your screen so we can see what your talking about.

  21. Electra ECA is my biggest sleeper! I think NEO is going to be a power house eventually and im trying to build my position along with LTC.

  22. I think the new people stay away a while from crypto. The market is so unstable. When you bought in December you are f*ck up right now!! New investors want to have trust in the market and dont lose a lot of money!

  23. Валентина Рябухина

    Augmented reality is already here. I got some tokens arcona.io I recommend you take a closer look at this project.

  24. SETHER , SETHER , SETHER , for 100x gains

  25. good watch/listen Stevo

  26. Greg Troy plumbing


  27. Charlotte and Lucie Show

    Steve, Loyalcoin is the coin I am most optimistic about, just came out of ICO. REDDCoin is my second that I am bullish on and the 3rd is Cindicator

  28. Daniela Gonzalez

    Other coins like $ZOI are growing really fast

  29. esteban camarillo

    This guy needs to do a better job at recording graphs correctly.

  30. esteban camarillo

    My top coins are Tron, Vertcoin, Omisego, and Golem. What do yall you think about NXT??

  31. Amsterdam Holland

    I have a question. On Coinmarketcap at the markets tab you see  * Price Excluded
    ** Volume Excluded – No Trading Fees
    * Price/Volume Excluded – Outlier Detected. What does that mean? Could you explain that?

  32. Monero, dash ,navcoin and aeon

  33. Redcoin, burst and digibyte are very undervaluate

  34. Gaby Gonzalez Ch

    Oh yeah $zoi is skyrocking

  35. What are your thoughts on NCASH? I like the idea of the project but am skeptical

  36. Seriously check idealcash (DEAL) out!! https://idealcash.io . Crypto only costing 2 SATS offering instant transactions, encryption, staking & already a fully functional developed product. Not yet on the bigger exchanges, going to be joining Kucoin next and then Binane. I invested yesterday and this for sure will be a x100 coin in the next 6 months!!

  37. Haha. I'm sorry but this is so disingenuous. You're seriously wondering why "so many people seem to have a negative sentiment about cryptocurrencies" because your shit is up? Come on now. There are an awful lot of people that are down for obvious reasons, and the "7 day chart" obviously doesn't reflect that. Don't be saying silly stuff now.


  39. Robert Macfarlane

    Love the content guys (& gals), keep it up. If you could checkout the 4new ICO with the KWATT coin that would be great

  40. Crypto Conversations

    Nice video

  41. Impressive great Skilled high-quality video.

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