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Cryptocurrency market falls sharply to $241 billion. Why is the cryptocurrency market going down?

The cryptocurrency market has fallen sharply over the previous couple of days and is these days at $241 billion market capitalization at the time of recording. While the Bithumb hacking and Japanese regulators’ strict outlook in opposition to cryptocurrency exchanges are being cited as causes for the sharp decline, the most likely motive is that we’re nonetheless caught in a long-term bearish cycle. We have nonetheless now not came upon the backside of the market, and likelihood is that that the market will proceed to be in a state of decline for a while. EOS has taken the greatest hit after a stop-start mainnet release and controversies encompass centralization and charter. We strongly counsel cryptocurrency buyers to take a mid-to-long time period manner in opposition to making an investment and hodl strongly. We imagine that mainstream adoption and law will brining institutional buyers and the subsequent set of retail buyers to the market using costs up in the ling run.


Correction Deepens as Coin Values Approach 2018 Lows: https://hacked.com/cryptocurrency-market-update-correction-deepens-as-coin-values-approach-2018-lows/

Cryptocurrency Market Drops to $241 Billion, EOS Takes a Huge Beating: https://www.ccn.com/cryptocurrency-market-drops-to-241-billion-eos-takes-a-huge-beating/

Bitcoin Price Hits 2018-Low at $five,825, Where Will it Bottom Out?: https://www.ccn.com/bitcoin-price-hits-2018-low-at-5825-where-will-it-bottom-out/

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