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Cryptocurrency is Crashing NOT CORRECTING – HERE IS WHY!

My perspectives at the present Crypto Market Place!

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  1. strawberrycustard

    No information at all, Just keep saying this is not correction, crashing.

  2. Tycoonii Crossherostar

    Thanks for your honesty great analogy.

  3. Crazy Plays Roblox

    It just dipped below 7k im freakin out about to withdraw

  4. Not a fan of crypto but as soon as bitcoin goes back up you'll change the title of this video lol. You change your point of view everyday.

  5. crashonthehumble

    Is this the end?

  6. Michael Gordon

    I agree with you this is a crash. When you were watching sesame street, I was in university. As a 35 year old and former series 3 broker,I used to strictly trade Dow Futures Index and options on Dow futures. When it dropped to 8000 in 2008-2009 I told people you watch itll be back at 12000 in no time. Look at where the Dow is now. When I was 25 I lost 100,000 USD trading,getting cocky. Even during a crash, for those of us that witnessed the crash and lived through it, they ended up richer in the long run. I got scared and got out. Im in litecoin and xrp. Even of it falls to a dollar and .20 respectively, you cant take a loss unless you sell. It will bounce back. The trick is not be a pussy and hold if youre already in. If you have decided on a lump sum to invest with, youve decided to use that money as risk capital. Why take a loss? It may take 5 years to come back(I doubt it) so anyone long might as well hold. By the way, had I not chickened out, in the end I would have won every trade eventually. The spot crypto market doesnt have time running against you like options on futures contracts. I like crypto coins because they're like playing options on futures (limited risk) but have the tremendous volatility of a futures contract. Why anyone would trade futures on crypto is crazy. The spot market is volatile enough. Let it go to 0.5 Im not getting out. I can afford to stay in. I dont need to keep adding money to answer margin calls. Eventually, it will be overpriced again.

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