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Crypto News | Elon Musk Owns Bitcoin? Microsoft Quantum Computers To Kill Crypto Space In 5 Years?


Elon Musk Owns Bitcoin: https://cointelegraph.com/news/tesla-billionaire-elon-musk-says-he-owns-25k-in-btc-or-literally-zero-cryptocurrency

Vitalik On Sharding: https://bitsonline.com/buterin-sharding-buzz/

Putin Endorses Crypto: https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/800psk/putin_endorses_blockchain_the_stone_age_has_not/

JP Morgan Trader On Banks Vs Crypto: http://bitcoinist.com/former-top-jpmorgan-trader-says-banks-absolutely-failed-cryptocurrency/

IOTA Fud: http://www.tangleblog.com/2018/02/24/full-emails-ethan-heilman-digital-currency-initiative-iota-team-leaked/

Quantum Computers: https://www.barrons.com/articles/microsoft-we-have-the-qubits-you-want-1519434417

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  1. Independent Alternative Medias of Australia

    Darpa already have a Dwave quantum computer many many times more powerful than known. they plan to link with AI and 5G network which is known as the beast system.

  2. my morning coffee is served, tx again. keep up the gerat work

  3. Varcadidragon88 [ ŁTC ]

    Don't quote me on it but I think I recently heard Cardano ADA was already talking and working on quantum computing I'm sorry I can't remember where I heard it Thank you for the great videos jave a great weekend!!

  4. NeoQS, NEO quantum safe, is a feature of NEO that deserves more looking into. Not sure how effective it will be, but definitely a good sign they acknowledge the effect quantum computing could have on crypto.

  5. Hey, nice video. I hope we don‘t have to leave cryptospace in 2023, especially as IOTA is quantum save from the beginning as they have foreseen this development and as far as I know working on making quatum computing possible in the near future.

  6. i 100% agree, if Microsoft brings out a quantum computer there is a 100% chance they will leak your private keys and you will be robbed, they lied about telemetry being existent on windows…. then refused to tell us what info was being taken when they got caught stealing peoples info….

  7. Love your analysis and knowledge bro – Your volume always seems a bit low tbh, sell some of your BTC and get a new mic 🙂

  8. If a quantum computer hacked everyone, a snapshot of the decentralized ledger would be used to restore it and protect it with quantum crypto.

  9. Always look forward to your videos. I work nights, always check for your uploads on break.

  10. I thought Neo is quantum resistant too? Wrong?

  11. "in this space" count = 13

  12. Bring your Mic closer dude your volume gets lower every video

  13. This analysis is such bull shit could go up could go down bla bla bla just do the news man I hate this bull shit analysis!

  14. Get your Vechain before it to late people

  15. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Love the way you logically take us through your thought process… I have learnt a lot from you. Keep it up bro!

  16. Just jumped on the channel but man i appreciate that closing message saying you care more about informative regular content than viewership, hard work pays of man and it seems like you're putting in some serious effort.

  17. Really appreciate the videos. Thanks. (P.s. Sound is a bit mumbly and low volume. Also, script notes might smooth out the word searching and help keep a good pace.)

  18. Don't you think we might be building a super computer that will actually turn into our government?

  19. Surely if ms develops a quantum computer they will be able to do practically anything. Passwords won't mean anything if they can do brute force attacks at infinity hz. The implications are unthinkable. They could take over the world with a processor that fast. They can't even make a proper operating system.

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