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Crypto News | Bitcion Breaks Out, But Is It Short Lived!? Proof HitBTC Stealing Your Funds

We were given the affirmation we have been searching for in yesterdays crypto information appearing Bitcoin would escape BUT do we have now the quantity to proceed the run. We speak about what to search for in todays video. In the inside track we find that there is a new Bitcoin arduous fork that gives passion, EU wont keep an eye on Bitcoin, and that HITBTC is stealing budget. Lastly NASDAQ begins recommending altcoins to spend money on. All this and extra in todays crypto information!

Hey guys I will be posting lot’s of updates concerning the channel, insights on crypto, traits I am seeing, and extra that I will be able to’t make a video about as a result of they are no longer worthy and can be higher shared by the use of a handy guide a rough 1 minute textual content write up. It’s open to the general public and is on my Patreon, you do not want to give a boost to the channel on Patreon to look those updates I am simply the use of that platform to stay the whole thing in a single position. Link is beneath.

⚡Links to articles

Proof HitBTC Stealing Funds: https://www.reddit.com/r/hitbtc/comments/7lptts/proof_that_hit_btc_is_exit_scamming/

Hedgefund Bets $1mil on BTC: https://bitnewstoday.com/news/bitcoin/hedge-fund-blocktower-capital-bets-1m-on-bitcoin-reaching-50-000/

EU no longer regulating BTC: https://www.ccn.com/arent-looking-regulate-bitcoin-eu-commissioner/

GDAX Bot Picasso Inflating BTC value: https://medium.com/@bitfinexed/meet-picasso-the-painter-on-gdax-c478ff8f50e5

BTC Fork Pays Interest: https://cryptopotato.com/bitcoin-fork-updates-blockchain-new-familiar-feature/

Monaco Partners With Binance: https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/monaco-binance-enter-strategic-partnership/

Swiss financial institution offering BTC provider: https://www.ccn.com/swiss-online-bank-launches-bitcoin-product/

Israel Central Bank to create crypto?: https://www.ccn.com/israel-central-bank-considers-digital-currency-instant-payments/

Israel Regulator blocking off BTC: https://www.ccn.com/israel-regulator-threatens-ban-bitcoin-firms-stock-exchange/

NASDAQ Promoting Altcoins: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/3-cryptocurrencies-to-consider-buying-over-bitcoin-cm896297

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  1. hitbtc is confirmed exit scam mine ltc withdraw pending from 6 days

  2. Hitbtc scam with scammers on Troll Box

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  5. My withdrawal also pending ticket #102511.

  6. Mirta Xiomelys Sandin

    Do have to be in paper wallet to receive bitcoin interest?

  7. Binance isn't a scam but bitconnect is? Both have a cryptocurrecy though so what's the main differences?

  8. Omnipotence Nurturing Malevolence

    Where do you store your alt coins?

  9. Is Binance suffering from its popularity? I am getting repeated response issues, timeouts, etc.

  10. Hi, great video as usual. You mention keeping your Btc in paper wallet for the Bti fork….I am assuming ledger nano s works as well? I started using binance and I wonder do I keep binance coins on the exchange to get 50%off fees? Thanks! Hope you get better soon.

  11. J&M Gold Prospecting

    Hi, great channel, just wondering if you hold much LTC?

  12. Thanks for making the video! Get well soon!

  13. nofirstname nolastname

    @Bull & Bear ICON(ICX) AND Raiblocks (XRB)..
    Oh lol now at the end of your video you asked for which crypto's to look at and just when I'm running to my PC to type a comment you are already mentioning an ICON Christmas video haha Good on ya! glad we are on the same line of thought.

  14. I hope you get well soon ,could you please explain a bit more about the wallets for alt coins as i don't want to have so many .thanks

  15. The chart pattern isn't it showing head and shoulders please confirm and reply if I am wrong so we should confirm uptrend only after passing 17k level .. correct if I am wrong …thanks for the video

  16. Nice video. Can you please cover how to secure coins from Exchange. A detail video will help us a lot. thanks

  17. SAFEX pays dividends also

  18. Production suggestion. Good work. What you need is to add a marker every time you cough, snuff, sneeze or what ever & then add a jump cut 😉

  19. plz tell me or show me how to take my coins off exchanges plz

  20. Hey Bro just do a head stand for about 1 minute & U will find your nose clears…serious!..All the Best from the West! X

  21. nice video, l learn a lot. please check my video and tell me what you think, thanks.

  22. they stole my BCC and ban me when I ask about it fuck hitBTC

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