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Crypto Market Cycles – How to Profit from Bitcoin and Altcoin Swings

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Crypto Market Cycles – How to Profit from Bitcoin Price Drops, marketplace fluctuations and mooning or falling cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency buying and selling fundamentals – Market cycles and marketplace psychology. The emotional marketplace cycle. Learn to industry Bitcoin and Altcoin Market Cycles. How to get ready for the approaching cryptocurrency undergo marketplace. The psychology of marketplace cycles.

To appease cash-hungry attorneys and irresponsible other folks, it must be identified that I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR and THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE. I’m simply teaching and entertaining. What you do with your individual cash is your individual accountability. Seek the recommend of an clever monetary marketing consultant (excellent good fortune discovering one) earlier than making an investment yours or any individual else’s cash.

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  1. Long time in crypto he says; begin of this year lol, still nice vids tho! Your one of the few I like! You see the real value behind some projects.

  2. "I'm experienced. I've been in cryptocurrencies since the beginning of the year." what a joke

  3. Keep on keeping it real Mr Crypto Love man, love your content man! …… I am still waiting for you to tell your viewers that you've made love in your Crypto Love T-shirt!!!!!! Send me one and I'll make love wearing it and tell you ! 😉 PARTY PARTY PARTY !!!!

    I brought XRP when I first got into crypto and have held it so am happy, however now I'm looking for the coins that PARTY PARTY as I think XRP likes to ball room dance and I want to rave with my Crypto !!!!

  4. "Meashin' on that lyke button". I love your accent haha

  5. Hey mate, your ledger link is no good? Thanks for all of your info.

  6. Great advice!

  7. I love the way you explain things. Definitly sub and like from me.

  8. can you make an updated video on lisk!!!!

  9. I was on binance & saw it hit all time high and didn’t sell. Could’ve gained few hundred Ripple back in today’s buys

  10. Johannes Van der Kajken

    Make a video of ur top 5 under 1 cent brother. best regards from germany habibi

  11. checkout CryptoBuy Alert on android… it gives an alert for the best time to buy crypto currency

  12. You deserve so many followers bro. I like your channell.

  13. thanks for this video! I confirmed some things, learned some other things.

  14. Anyone know why is XP mooning?

  15. Hello 🙂 I see Electra(ECA) all over the Cryptospace but not on youtube :O Invest or not would be the question 🙂

  16. Hey, great video, thanks!
    So from what I understood you´re using the MACD to set your Stop losses. Does that mean you´re constantly checking the MACD and then update your Stop Loss order manually? What Exchange are you using?

  17. I like this guy, straight to the point

  18. What do you think about sumokoin?

  19. Hi Randall, keep the good work and don't let feminist bullshit change your channel. Love your cryptobabes as thumbnails.

  20. Thanks man. Great job

  21. nothing to see here

    @Crypto Love I like the thumbnails and don't consider them clickbait. From the start it was obvious to me they are just overlays. Sometimes they are kinda funny too like the fat Tron cosplayer and the hot chick on the bike.

  22. You are really different crypto trader and YouTubes. Loved the video and subscribed.

  23. you speak of transfering coins back and forth to bitcoin and then altcoin based on which ones will be rising / falling. now where do you store your coins? always on cold storage like a ledger? that becomes a bit of a hassle to trasfer between wallets to transfer some alt to bitcoin when its rising and then back to alt when it rises next ect. so do you keep everything on cold storage and do this or how do you go about it. TLDR where do you store some of your coins and how much or all of your coins in one spot?

  24. Never buy when it's an all time high should be common sense, but people seems to make that mistake all the time in the hopes that they don't miss out on the inflation. If you bought XRP at a lower price at .25 to even .50, and I guess $1 then hats off to you and you get all my praises, but as of now at $2.22 mark, it's less likely to go up even further. You're putting more risk than your potential reward. Think about it; if you invest now, you'd have to wait until $4 for your money to double the profit, but with alt coins such as OmiseGo, Salt, Golem, Verge, Funfair and other coins that are worth less than $1, you have more potential to double, triple or even quadruple your money or so. Just be cautious and actually look up and study what you are investing into and whether or not it has the potential to reach 100% to even 1000%. Good luck to all the investors out there and I wish you all a happy holidays 🙂

  25. Thanks for what you do. Any chance you could do a video on the ledger nano S, discussing function, features, and strategies for use, etc?

  26. Mohammed Niyasdeen

    You are awesome man. I am learning a lot from you in every videos. Especially those slogans of your MARKET CYCLES, those are my favorites lines after WARREN BUFFET's famous six quotes.

  27. why dont you like xrp?

  28. hey randall, great vid as always! curious if you could give us your opinion on kincoin? it's backed by kik (the chat app people) and it's been mooning lately… would love to hear your perspective on it, maybe in a vid or even as a comment, thanks and keep up the good work!

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  30. Check out Deep Brain Chain and Insurepal. Let me know what you think. Cutting edge stuff. Especially Insurepal.

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  32. yes buy ripple because it will get added to coinbase after it gets on coinbase then sale

  33. What’s good cryptolove from down under. Keep doin you!!

  34. I know I'll get flack for this. But I want XRP to work. More so the technology behind it. I have family all over the world. Some are in third world countries that don't have the money/don't want to learn how Bitcoin/Litecoin/-insert altcoin here- works. So having XRP speed up fiat transactions to ~6 seconds across borders instead of 2-3 business days means that my family will get their money as soon as possible when they need it instead of the standard waiting game that we're used to. That's why I've invested some money into it to help with the project. If I lose it all but the technology is implemented by most banks then I'm satisfied.

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