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Crypto Cars, Startups, Crypto Castle? – Eddy Zillan & Peter Saddington – Yahoo Finance News!

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Note: This isn’t monetary recommendation as all making an investment is speculative. Have a laugh and excellent success!

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  1. All the best Peter and friends ….Have a good one …cheers..gus
    Blockchain Panel Discussion

  2. nice interview Peter! smart young man ur guest :>)

  3. Harry van der Veen

    Lol choosing a job with one of the highest suicide rates. Orthodontists typically get depressed after looking in a gaping hole for man years. J/k seems like a very likeable dude.

  4. Harry van der Veen

    You must have laughed your ass off reading all those comments under the article. It cracked me up, great fun haha

  5. How can he have a website proposing such a complete paid guide to cryptocurrencies education and trading as well as a “one of a king” trading tool and when you ask him what are his plans for the future on this business, he only says that he wants to be an orthodontist. If you did not insist, I would not even know that he has a website. Well he is young ok, but if he is being treated like a genius by huffington post, then he should behave different of a “just got luck kid, no? Even the social awkward Vitalik does better when talking about his craft.

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