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Comparing Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Which one offer the lowest fees?

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  1. Pro Shipping Auto Email

    Been on the sauce there Jack? (Night mode) Hahaha. Hey, where is GDAX? I use it and always use limit orders (maker order) a few cents away from the market price. 9/10 trades hit the limit and execute with no fee. Of course they are limited to BTC, ETH or LTC. Thanks for the information on the other exchanges.

  2. Most of the exchanges ask pictures of ID which is not cool 🙁
    BTC hit $10 000 in korean exchanges first time ever! 10,979,500 KRW ($10,108) and 10,960,500 KRW ($10,047) !!


  3. Thank you for all the information, Binance is great!!! (I don't like Bittrex has terrible customer support) (Learned that I should buy some BNB) What do you think about Exodus to exchange? LPkDojgN23mpbs3eUYvPsr1p4XDRtUBLgG

  4. Bittrex is the worst, it is the only one who ask for fee to withdraw NEO, while at all other it's free! LTC:LLRJpZU4C5FWm69DYg6DaxgLMXFU7eyKYa

  5. I have been looking for an exchange so I can do a bit of day trading. Binance sounds OK. Always like discounted trades. Thanks.LLyQxbx2RmZYNF3Sq5ZENbak6yTrGV6qfm

  6. What's your opinion of the ratio I should invest into Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin, respectively. How much usd do you have in Bitcoin vs Litecoin. Thanks

  7. I am concerned about the potential crash that could happen due to too many investors cashing out on value. What are your thoughts?


  8. 300Billion market cap is bigger than the bank of the America's !!

    LTC : LZ98ZMyxPbt9HQHFCzNPtiuzdWgbDwRJVc

  9. BITCOIN HITS $10,000

  10. Thanks for the info

  11. How much percent of your total income you invest in ico's?Which ico is best to invest in this month?
    Whats your opinion on ethercash?How much should we invest in it?

  12. Crishtopher Kalley

    Thanks for knowledge vedio

  13. I found out yesterday that Binance has a PC client, which released earlier this month. It is way smoother to use than the website. The website was always laggy for me.

  14. Nice overview, what do you think about Margin funding on platforms like bitfinex?


  15. Bitconnect debit card is coming after 3days!!


  16. Bitcoin hit $10K
    Litecoin is soon at $100
    And dash at $650
    What a great day!

    Thanks sir


  17. Thank you for this very informative video Lb73QWQWcxvB8SyjFLZxC5KS1tQC9jBTcr

  18. Litecoin will go huge!! Litecoin* will make it! What's the best wallet for Litecoin? Exodus or…?


  19. Almost every coin will go up in long term and you never know how high.
    Also I would like to suggest you to change background music to something more dynamic and lower down your mic a bit, I can't see you 🙂 Some help for your future videos, if you agree 🙂
    You are awesome. Good luck to you in tradings,
    greetings from Zagreb, Croatia

  20. Is Bitconnect your full time job sir?
    People make thousands and thousands with it!!


  21. I think Bitcoin will have little pubble but it will go 2x or 3-5x in 2018!


  22. What do you think about the future of the Bitcoin? The network will require a lot of power in the future! :O


  23. Bitcoin PriceDaily

    There is a pc client for binance. Check it out!

    LiteCoin; LWrSCaAtrerMpkG4Q4hzWVgA9FjTBgYmC4

  24. Bitcoin is hitting 10K and coinbase added 100k customers more. 100k people join to crypto lile very week!


  25. Erhrole Dynamics Entertainment

    i know that Bittrex doesn't have the lowest fees. when cobinhood exchange goes live without bugs it will be amazing


  26. Hi . what is current withdrawl fee in bittrex and Hitbtc for BTC ive heard its .001 is that correct ?
    Secondly is it necessary to get verified /kyc in Hitbtc to withdraw crypto as in bittrex you cannot withdraw anything without getting verified with ids.

    Thanks in advance !


    Crazy week in crypto

  28. Trying to help get your videos out there with Likes and comments, because these are for informative videos!! Thank you and Good luck in 2018 49er!

  29. Christian Winterstein

    Bitcoin Hits 10000!
    thanks for the giveaway!
    Learn about fees!

  30. Eriko Yogie Adhesto


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