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CNBC Loves Bitcoin Cash – Brian Kelly says BCH is Increasing Use Cases?

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There appears to be a mainstream media pump and unload…

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  1. Hey BTC sheeps…wake up PLEASE!!! Here is the reason why BCH exists and why BTC + LN is a fake bankster coin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EsLekL8zI0

  2. The Telegram-token will make X50-x100! I advise all of you to buy it while the going is good cryptovilla.org/gramplatform

  3. I don't like BCH, sold it long time ago. 😀 But I would love to hear your thoughts on TASH token, you spoke about lot of things but not about token for traveling. It will be great to travel all around the globe with crypto (no need for fiat). Check it out.

  4. BTrash belongs in a landfill.

  5. If lying to the public and calling bitcoin cash bitcoin is "doing it right" than I beg to differ my friend.

  6. David Bermudez


  7. btrash

  8. I have no problem with Bitcoin Cash from a technical standpoint. Except the Bitcoin in the name. And the previous Bitcoin.com deception.. And people calling Roger Ver Jesus. Jesus doesn't rage quit like a bitsh…

  9. Cosmo TheSpaceDog

    Wow, I had to watch 2 ads that time

  10. no. it was not roger ver "paying someone off" in cnbc. *sigh*. ridiculous claims all over the place.

  11. roger ver is a fraud and a scammer. bch supporter are dumb stupid ppl.

  12. Roger is a smart guy. He is effectively taken the entire hostile crypto crowd. All the people that get banned from r/bitcoin all the people who cant make a post without insulting someone and given them a home. That's actually a lot of people and a lot of money even if they are pretty dysfunctional

  13. Graphic Design and Web Solutions Inc.

    Hey Peter, check this out, maybe this is a topic you'd like to cover. I just found out that Regions Bank has classified cryptocurrency as foreign currencies and are charging a 1% fee on coinbase purchases.

  14. This where i come to see what socialist economic retards are thinking. Thx.

  15. Bch is the original bitcoin blockchain protocol. I know it, they know it, that's why they HATE IT, CAUSE THEY CAN'T CONTROL IT.

    Dickhead won't put my posts up anyway, scared the truth might sneak out.

  16. Thanks for all yours and samson mows work ..more bitcoin cash for me.

  17. Miguel Andrade

    Peter, you rule.

  18. Fernando Cuestasd

    Hmm I'm going to go out on a limb here Peter, I find a change in your voice is it possible you NOW hold Bitcoin Cash. Makes me wonder. It's all good if so. :).

  19. How can you hate a coin that makes you money?????

  20. Your right right peter as people start to get more educated about crypto its gonna over for BCH

  21. Julian Plentii

    lol just saw the cnbc video before landing here

  22. Hey Peta got a question for you. If you trade on a decentralized exchange, could the U.S government ever find out if you made any gains for tax purposes?

  23. Who cares?
    CNBC is the shittiest source of information after your channel of course.

  24. So who is the real Satoshi Nakamoto Mr. Fancy pants… …

  25. Since Bitcoin Cash is being promoted so much by CNBC there must be something fishy going on?

  26. Bch is shit coin

  27. No one uses BCH transaction wise it is dead… I would put my money on every single top 10 crypto except BCH.

  28. BCH is Bitcoin actually

  29. Bro, the cash consortium and now the miners colluding = all hash moving to bch slowly but surely. Mark my words. Hope you have a ton of EOS. We have 5 airdrops in June! Jihan is also vying for a block producer spot on EOS.

  30. Confused by the BTC crowd hoping LN, will solve their problems.
    LN= Just download 2 wallets, transfer from BTC to LN an amount bigger than the amount you want to spend (need to do that every time LN runs low), open a channel, wait for person you want to pay to have an open channel, keep channel open, do transaction, eventually.
    you can shift from BTC to LTC, BCH etc. no channel faster and easier, with both being blockchains therefore more secure.

    You can use one wallet on BCH and do it all….
    which do you choose?

  31. David Wattebled

    In what way has BCH not dealt with the scalability problem?! It is totally solving it through bigger blocks!! Much bigger blocks are not issue at all, it’s proven! And all of that with the original Bitcoin technology, nothing else. I don’t understand you my friend, sorry.

  32. If everybody is on one side of the boat cheering how great BTC is, now is probably a good time to move over to the other side of the boat to BCH. Yep, think so. These "maximalists" only ever throw dirt. Never hear anything constructive. It's becoming a religion.

  33. lol every maximalist zealot has the same comment: "Bcash is Btrash"… Question: Why? LOL …. I hear nothing but crickets. Probably a bunch of 18 year olds following the herd. A logical fallacy is not an answer. The religious mentality of maximalists has solidified my opinion that BitcoinCash will complete a "flippening" over BTC. And I made 1700% gains in BTC. Sold in December. BCH to the moon. Later losers.

  34. CNBC are pedophiles! They love to molest and murder little children, dish washy boy!

  35. Btrash, stop bs.

  36. ZeroxAdvancedpb

    Sorry but Bch will be WINNER. Lightning network is reevaluated and they need another protocol lol. Read the news. Btc = not payment system. Bch is what Bitcoin supposed to be. BCH will be adopted by many e-commerce platforms this year.

  37. Lolz so bitter. When are you going to wake up and realize that you got conned by BTC core with a bait and switch? BitcoinCash is the real bitcoin.

  38. lost 17k at the end of december, because my transaktoin was not processed … thanks to 1mb blocks how much have I lost thanks to bitcoin cash? 0

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