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Chinese Bitcoin Miners Moving to America and Canada? Miner Exodus Begins!

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Are the chinese language miners going in other places? What does this imply for bitcoin as a complete?

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Note: This isn’t monetary recommendation as all making an investment is speculative. Have amusing and excellent good fortune!

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  1. I personally think we need more Chinese Japanese here in America. Hell I think we need more multicultural people here period. They are very fun to be around with and you can learn a lot. People should just stop with all the fighting. We need to as human be more mature and think about the future. If everyone got along and helped each other things could only get better. Imagine we could achieve greater things and maybe even eventually be space colonists.

  2. Bring some smart whoever.

  3. Where do I get the wall token at? im in

  4. Does your parents from China?

  5. They’re already scouting locations in Canada. By the boat load. Literately.

  6. Why is their a Jack in th box commercial telling me that BTC is down and that I'm broke so buy a jumbo jack?

  7. The Chinese government will take over the game of mining in China.

  8. You're pretty dumb for being such a smart guy, y' know!

  9. Carbon footprint say no to volcanoes. Lol

  10. Geothermal energy. Good investment.

  11. It's due to recent electricity issues in china

  12. WoW gold lol

  13. Can they use a giant satellite using solar?

  14. How do u manage not to sleep?

  15. Any tremor in the Bitcoin universe is going to affect price. Markets like innovation and optimism. Bitcoin mining getting kicked out of a country as large as China is the opposite of those things. The power consumption, whether hyperbole or not, is an issue that resonates with some people. Bitcoin needs to show innovation and optimism in 2018 or there’s going to be quite a dip. I’m quite certain this news will help Ethereum soar.

  16. Carbon footprint is an issue. Please don't tell me you're an Asian Trump.

  17. Just put solar panels along that giant wall! Power problem solved.

  18. hi Piter, you're on t.me/wepump

  19. Delphine Castleberry

    I’m gonna mike pence you… I want you to have your own hour long crypto show. Your professionalism is outstanding. Your dedication to research is sick. Your camera angles keep me interested. You care about your family. Your voice is awesome. When reporting you let us know fact from opinion. My complaint is that you can’t give me a min to min weather report in my area. Great job.

  20. So this is why we probably see a major pullback as we speak

  21. I wish I detected some sarcasm behind that science denier propaganda.

  22. China realized they cannot control or own the blockchain. ROFL when you finally realize technology > than your personal greedy evil intentions[PERIOD] #Chumps

  23. Going to Russia or another ex Communist country

  24. Power consumption will be priority one…You need a off grid, independent power supply? I see a market for investment in renewable energy sources, not tethered to any geological coal, oil, and natural gas locations and by extension any government oversight. Solar? Synthetic Chemical Energy? The blockchain will never die, but it will masquerade as any coin to make wealth independent of a centralized consortium.

  25. wsssupp wsssssupp wssssuuuuupppp wsuuuuuppppppp wsssssssuupppp BITCONNECT@!!!@!#@E$@#@$@#

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  27. hi need some help here

  28. nope.. you see, in china the had no rules on exhanging crypto.. so they're government is basically watching these huge farms thrive and not pay a dimes in taxes. Like Canada,,, lol

    they'll find out they cant pull that here, if you exchange crypto in cash you pay the applicable income tax.

    which would be quite a lot out of they're profit… oh ps theyre going to be paying through the roof for theyre internet too.. its real crappy here

    they already killed mining due to spiking the diffuclulty through the roof, so nobody like them

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