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Cave Hunting, Mining Drill, and MORE : YLands Gameplay : PC Early Access Best Creations

YLands Gameplay! Today, we return to the enormous cave, however this time we are strapped! Then we begin construction a brand new send, a Mining Drill, and a Paintgun!


Thanks for making me part of your week!


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  1. can you upload this version of game and give us the link please .. i dont have the money to buy it and i want to play it so bad

  2. Build a jail please

  3. Diesel, the paint gun breaks down into ylandium dust. You can convert iron into dust. It is costly but might be an option. Keep up the good work. Love the channel.

  4. What’s up man, I like the videos but your impersonations every 10 seconds are very annoying. Just talk normally man. I know it’s just my opinion and other people may love it but that’s just me.

  5. Diesel, the breathing mask is located under the water at the lost city which is located in the northeast part of the map, the mask along with a full wetsuit inside of a sunken ship. also at this location is a vault that that has the guardian armor but you have to solve the riddle first..good luck and good hunting.

  6. you going to build a separate dock or just one between the ships

  7. FightorFlight Gamer

    I can't believe how much stuff there is in this game. You have built so much!

  8. DanTDM poopie Dumb that is my roblox name

    Diesel play gold rush the game

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