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Buy Potcoin Before Moon Shot in 2018?

Will you be purchasing Potcoin, prior to it is going up in 2018?

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  1. I don't know why I bought pot coin…great thesis argument.

  2. Angel Gonzalez TV

    Hey Jeff Check out TKS it is another good cannabis coin. I don't have any but it is worth checking out

  3. I just use my credit card to buy weed online. Why bother with this?

  4. You even sound fucking high in this particular video of you, Jeff

  5. onde conseguir potcoin fácil veja http://q.gs/E3h45

  6. Emerson Guimarães

    Ganhe muito Potcoin direto na faucethub!!
    Get lots of Potcoin right on faucethub !!

  7. thc has been the highest in price

  8. Dear AltcojnBuzz, can you make a video and compare THC with Potcoin? Thank you in advance and keep up the good work guys.

  9. Telcoin (TEL) aXpire (AXP) TBIS token (BAR)

  10. Vinicius Brasileiro

    Faucet paying 902122 Potoshi direct on FaucetHub.


  11. I just covered POT, THC, and DOPE on my channel and I think once Canada legalizes in July 2018 all the coins will see a 5x to 10x gain just off that news alone, and a bit of a run up prior to July 1st.

  12. Earn unlimited Potcoin from over 100 POT faucets every minutes. Go to http://bitcoinfaucets.info/ and select Potcoin at the top of the faucet list!

  13. Georgian Fun TV

    the fastest, cheapest and easiest crypto exchange web page:

  14. I am next Triple X


  15. I trust your opinion enough to try it, thank you!

  16. Pot coin has been doing shit

  17. .04 cents now doing absolute shit

  18. Psychic readings by Andre !

    Have a look at my pot coin predictions https://youtu.be/kvXIlT6hmAg

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