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Building an Ethereum-Cryptocurrency Mining PC

I recorded the video of having my mining PC constructed, in this affordable canon digicam I had, therefore the blurry movies. These are the clips I needed to put it in combination. This used to be in particular for Ethereum, however can be utilized for Bitcoin with Windows based totally device.

Miner Built by means of:
Youtube Channel:

Graphics card:-couldnt in finding to be had:

AMD Radeon RX 480 8gb-Gigabyte reference





RAM: 4gb ddr four
any ram will do so long as it’s DDR4

Hard Drive:
USB, SSD or mechanical is okay. But if the usage of Windows, 60 gb minimal

Power Supply:

IF chances are you’ll stay including playing cards then move immediately for this one. It can do five playing cards


if 2-Three is essentially the most you assume you’ll be able to do, possibly four then you’ll get by means of with this


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