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Bitmain May Have Sold Pre-used ASIC Miners As New

Bitmain May Have Sold Pre-used ASIC Miners As New
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The founder and CEO of Zerocoin Electric Company, an organization that dietary supplements privacy-focused cryptocurrency Zcash, Zooko Wilcox, has protested that Chinese miners knowledgeable him that they’d won Bitmain mining equipment caked with mud, suggesting prior use. Bitmain is the arena’s greatest cryptocurrency mining system producer.

Zooko Wilcox stated:

“Someone privately sent me these allegations (in Chinese) that Bitmain sold some miners as new that arrived caked with dust, along with Bitmain’s response. The communication gap between the West and China makes it hard to disentangle.”

In a remark translated from Chinese, Bitmain stated:

“Among the complainants, some are refunded and after an investigation, it was revealed that some are still underpowered and some are repaired. Some media outlets claimed that a few hundred people have received mining equipment that are poorly functioning. This is not the case.”

Indeed, it’s now not imaginable to design each ASIC miner completely. Errors stand up alongside the best way, stated the Bitmain crew. The company stressed out that miners who obtain underperforming devices will probably be refunded. In contemporary days, it had compensated miners who won erroneous B3 Miners.

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