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Bitcoin’s Mass Adoption Is Coming (Despite Bear Market In 2018)

We Have a really perfect information that doubtlessly can lead bitcoin to the primary movement and strengthen adoption. Despite the undergo marketplace in 2018, this can be a nice 12 months for bitcoin turning into primary movement crypto foreign money. In todays video we Look on the new get started up corporate Bakkt that can spouse with Microsoft, Boston Consulting Group and Starbucks to take bitcoin to the following stage.
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➤ Holochain vs Blockchain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-o78FzYnTxs
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  1. Daily Crypto News

    Not even gonna lie when i see red im calm, When i see green i panic.. either im broken or im lost lol

  2. No one really care about adoption. Ppl just want the price to moon

  3. Can't wait to buy coffee with BTC.

  4. I'm not losing sleep over this bear market, even if we go to 3k. Look at the long term, people!

  5. Patience always wins.

  6. Yes sir!

  7. its so easy to get caught up in the daily/hourly charts on btc, people need to zoom out, this thing's been goin on since 2009, if the price would collapse to 0, then so be it, thats the 1st important thing all crypto "investors" need to know: invest only what you're willing to lose (if you plan to hodl for along ass time). But i do think(wish) were still gonna see 10-15k + before or during new years, only time will tell

  8. Hit That Like Button !

  9. Telegram after all opened ICO for retail investors on icovilla.info/telegram-coin

  10. does this includes bitcoin cash and litecoin?

  11. the starbucks is sort of fake news made by CNBC

  12. Absolutely love the way you explain about the bakkt so its easier to understand for your average Joe investor, I also think that this is a great step for adoption

  13. Your voice is criminally obnoxious

  14. Did all of you manage to participate in DENT airdrop? This morning I received tokens from http://www.ethereum-airdrops.site/free-coins/dent

  15. picture this. every person who walks into a Starbucks will now see a sign that says "we accept bitcoin" we all know how many Starbucks there are. even if 99% of people dont use bitcoin to buy coffee, 100% will see the btc sign. this will plant the seed into the sheep's brain and that seed will slowly grow.

  16. My understanding is that Starbucks said they're not accepting Bitcoin. They're still just accepting dollars but will let Bakkt swap customers' crypto for fiat.

    Not really the Bitcoin adoption we've been hoping for. My question is, if others like BitPay already provide this service of crypto-to-fiat, what's Bakkt bringing new to the market?

  17. Yes the big whales are dumping btc to accumulate more before the next big bull run so to maximise the profit

  18. Наталия Панасик

    Current year the splitting growth will be given by Nem, EOS and ODYSSEY! It is possible to make good X-es them) ODYSSEY is still distributed free of cost for its holders of tokens on airdropnews.ru/odyssey-plus/airdrop

  19. 1. Bakkt should bring more liquidity, that's good. 2. To get anything out of its existence, your bitcoin must be in their accounts, so Bakkt is essentially a bank. Yay for liquidity, I wont touch them.

  20. you're too late, go and read the newest update on this…. starbucks deny it quote: "As stated in the report, a spokesperson from Starbucks explicitly mentioned that “customers will not be able to pay for Frappuccinos with bitcoin.”

  21. I.Q.Greece.Company


  22. Whatever is happening to bitcoin is good for its own future as its getting rid of those weak hands they don't belong to crypto anyway. Weak hands are threat to crypto world in many ways.. We want hodlers to make bitcoin what it should in future.

  23. Really love your videos, thank you for the time spent to produce them!!

  24. That would be cooll

  25. That is good for btc!

  26. With great patience comes great rewards

    2019 “The Year of Adoption”

  27. please do a video on DOGECOIN and its future value.

  28. Bernard Holtmeulen

    And another great news pffffff

  29. Why would any retailer accept BTC as payment? The transaction times are ridiculously SLOW and the transaction fees are ridiculously HIGH. There are SOO many more usable cryptos out there for mass adoption but BTC is the absolute most IMPRACTICAL out of all of them. Its like they are trying desperately to create artificial demand for this inefficient MULE.


  31. No, Starbucks won't be accepting Bitcoin
    Yes, Starbucks wants a piece of the cryptocurrency action — but you'll need dollars to pay for that Frappuccino.

    AUGUST 3, 2018 11:58 AM PDT

  32. Sorry, But Starbucks Will Not Be Accepting Bitcoin
    Contrary to numerous news reports, Starbucks’ new cryptocurrency partnership with Microsoft and Intercontinental Exchange doesn’t mean you’ll be able to spend your bitcoins at the coffee retailer’s locations.

  33. Starbucks Won’t Be Accepting Bitcoin After All
    By 24/7 Wall St.
    Published: Aug 6, 2018 4:17 a.m. ET

    Last Updated: Aug 6, 2018 9:00 a.m. ET

  34. Recent news that Starbucks has partnered with Microsoft, the International Exchange, and a few other companies to launch a cryptocurrency venture called Bakkt has fueled reports that Starbucks is getting ready to start accepting Bitcoin in its stores.
    Speaking to Motherboard, however, the company has stated that this is not true.

  35. Can you do a video about pundi x

  36. buy when everyone is selling >>>blood on the streets>>> BTC ETC DGB ADA

  37. Crypto Conversations

    Love it…

  38. "Oh shit, I love Chipotle!" Lol

  39. Bakkt is a crypto gateway payment, in the end we still have to pay in fiat. However, given the global recognition of bitcoin will bring mass adoption. Bakkt is the catalyst and the savior of 2018.

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