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Bitcoin – What Happens Next

Bitcoin – What Happens Next
In this video I speak about the way forward for Bitcoin. What occurs if Bitcoin is going to Wall St & the entirety that Bitcoin can do.
#Bitcoin #ETF #WallStreet.

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  1. Hey Nugget, do you still think the total marketcap will hit a trillion this year?

  2. Hope you enjoy this off the cuff video! Please share around!

  3. Agree with you totally but how do you stop Wallstreet ?

  4. "I've been in this space since 2012" , literally in every single video ! lol

  5. Benjamin Hamersley

    Too right! BTC doesn't need the same people we are moving away from getting too involved. Especially for the purpose of legitimization. This better system will be able to legitimize its self over time as something far more just and attractive than Wall Street.

  6. Лариса Дуплищева

    Today I inserted all my cryptocurrency savings in ICO Telegra http://www.x-crypto.org/telegram-gram As for me I anchor my hope in GRAM token! I consider that in 2019 there 'll remain only Efirium, Bitkoin and Telegram token icostarter.online/telegram

  7. you're very naive….: The world does not work like you think. In fact BTC is already hijacked by the banksters. BEAST rule, feudalism, is the ruling order of this planet. Its always been that way but wont always be that way. Only two outcomes. Escape BEAST rule or eventually get annihilated by a space rock etc. Advancement is the wool on freedoms back energy is the quality of that wool. We're not advancing energy, so we will collapse. Energy is the heart of advancement, LFTR is John G.A.L.T..

  8. Crazy prayingmantis

    What happens next is that we all die of boredom

  9. Not your keys, not your bitcoin.

  10. Keep up the great work brother Nugget, cheers!

  11. Hi Nugget can you do a review on dig coin dignity?

  12. The market is not too small silver, real silver is too cheep.

  13. From the heart ..love when you hit hard and fast.Good job mate,keep it coming.

  14. I saw tour de crypto on nasdaq and companies like eca, monero amd evi as acceptable payments to donate for charity great exposure for crypto

  15. Well. Gold / silver have not a chance to be used as currency in shops and online so theres no natural value from that. So btc is not directly comparable.

  16. Absolutely brilliant. Yes, say no to wall st. Never forget the premise of Satoshi, its meant to be Decentralised. Great off the Cuff. Keep up the great work

  17. Great video mate, belief in the tech is the right foundation to encourage, educate and pursue. Adoption is inevitable past that point 🙂

  18. Tell all the other youtube channel hosts, CryptoBrad, Lark, Love, Crow, etc. to keep repeating this message NO ETFs, NO FUTURES, NO DERIVATIVES, NO WALLSTREET!!!

  19. The most informative interviews and talks about Bitcoin on youtube is from CRAIG WRIGHT

  20. u might wanna look at digitex futures exchange ..its a huge part of the crypto world .. how dont u know about this dgtx

  21. If we don't want it sadly means that we are going to get it

  22. Yes I love bitcoin but its so slow to move around we need it to be faster your thoughts

  23. Excellent video thanks bro!
    Cheers from your neighbour just over the sea 😉

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