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Bitcoin to $5k?🔸 Vitalik “Blockchain Sucks!”🔸 Tron Privacy Coin?🔸 Iran: BTC $24k!

Teespring cBc Merch to be had once more!
Bitcoin Technical Analysis
What reason this drop?
Whale strikes Silk Road budget
Goldman Sachs backs out of crypto buying and selling
VeChain seals care for BYD
Vitalik Buterin “Every provide day” blockchain sucks!
FunFair’s playing license secured
Million Dollar Painting Tokenized
Verge new codebase nearly entire
Bitcoin in Iran $24ok!
Tron Privacy options are coming!
Tron’s Utorrent Web Released!
Abra provides TRX, ADA, BAT
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  1. Have you lost your money in bitcoin investment /mining, do you want to get it back and make more profit the add us up on WhatsApp +12675273496

  2. Doge up almost 5% in all of this. Wow. Who woulda thought……

  3. Another great video thanks! Love how you don’t give a shit about huge drop in BTC, we know better

  4. Hodl. If you sell your going to lose out big. US government stopped selling silver eagles. Its criminal and illegal for them to do this. Someone rich is pounding the market down and September 11th is next week. The big crash maybe?

  5. At what point in time do we stop giving validation to the things Vitalik say?? Just wondering?

  6. Like $FUN

  7. Why wouldnt it happen. Im getting better and better. Last night I sold out some LTC and ETC. Had to they spiked the fuck up. Woke up and Oh lordy!!!!! Buy back time!!! I must say I dont believe in tether but this is when it comes in handy

  8. I'd be worried about the Gov't cracking down on users who have received compensation for seeding other people's movies. Before, it was "at least you arent reselling the movies. You are just giving them away for free". But now if you start making money because you have a movie farm. They might start going after people for that.

  9. Trx explosion is due. Just waiting for December

  10. Just got one Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet with your link yesterday, since EOS is now supported! 😀

  11. Well here I am holding another damn bag.

  12. VeChain!!!

  13. Thankyou CBC I take the dips in btc great I would buy more I want it affordable that triangle looks good for a bottom once and for all

  14. 10 k subscribers! COngrats man! NICEEEE

  15. What should be the expected BTC price will hit the bottom?

  16. Good stuff CBC!

  17. Manipulation is obvious. I hope that the Bitcoin whales eventually understand that they are holding the future here and whether or not it will become popular with the rest of the world.

  18. Have. I think us champs don't care and just will stock up. Obviously manipulation. Just which coins to bag now?

  19. Why didn't you tell us the other day chris. .lol. ..just playn bro….nice video as always ..thankyou for your hard work and news

  20. CryptoBitcoinChris

    https://www.coinigy.com/s/i/5b8b558ad8b8b/ <<< I posted this chart in my Patreon group on 9/2 (Dated on upper left) Taking profits means Stable Coin to avoid losses – we knew this was more than likely going to happen.
    If you want more out of crypto try it out for a month >>>> https://www.patreon.com/cryptobitcoinchris

  21. Been waiting for the drop since the 18/8/18 as i sold 1/2 my portfolio at 210 then 1/2 on 18/8/18 @220 and also the 22/8/18 was worried when was holding at 220 and going up to 240 held tight and now i can buy more coins than i had just hope we dont go as low as$150,826,099,777 or we will see alot of people loss big $$$ ITs Hard times but have to stay strong and stick to your guns

  22. why does he say hit that bell smash the like button and subscribe before he even says anything about the video? seems this should be said at the end? how do I know if I like the video when I have not seen it yet?

  23. the team. of billionaires are making a lot from manipulating the market don't sell ur bitcoins the moment u sell it you are making the rich people more richer cuz. they short and buy back from your pockets

  24. BayAreaLen Classic

    Damn, another merch run while I'm out of the states. Was at Centro Discovery Mall in Kuta last night, drinking a beer on the beach. Someday I need to fly you out here so you can join me for that beachfront beer and shoot the shit. Unfortunately, it might be a long while before I'm out of the "rekt" category, but I'm in this market for the long haul, for better or worse.

    Been keeping pretty busy here in Denpasar. Life is quite an effort here, but there is something priceless about that. Like making a sacrifice to be out of the matrix. My girls and I, girlfriend and two daughters, 12 and 8, get by on a razor thin budget, but seeing those girls happy makes it worth it. Great video as always, friend.

  25. Someone called Ssm59 listed the comment below explaining what's going on following discussion with analyst Andy Hoffman re $100 billion dollar market cap for BTC (just below $6000)

    A bit more generational knowledge coming at you. I have more than a decade on Andy he is dead straight about the hundred billion dollar market cap. While his insight In the crypto space is remarkable, the idea actually goes back to Peter Lynch in his 1989 book “One up on Wall Street”. In the book Lynch explains that amateur investors have a distinct advantage over institutional firms due to the fiduciary limits imposed by the SEC. Most companies that achieve Fortune 500 status are only available for the large investment houses in the final phases of their initial growth curve. The individual investor has the chance get in and ride the curve from below micro-cap all the way up making far better returns than the professional traders. BTC is the first financial instrument that anyone, be it a kid with lemonade stand money, a college student with some part time income, or a retiree with some left over from their social security, can invest at the ground floor. This must have goaded the big boys to no end. For the first time in history, they were closed out while John Q. Public could get in at the ground floor that used to be reserved for VC’s. Now that BTC is finally available to them there is no way they will let it slip below the floor. Since they were cut out of the rise to $100B, they will use their financial power to pump and dump in a effort to shake out the weak hands gathering as much as they can at minimum prices while jumping in to keep the market cap stable. Regardless of when you got in, this ride is just starting. Hang on and ride the curve baby!

  26. https://transparentbusiness.com/#279532946_pl-vimeo This is an Ad on Fox, it is a Citi Bank project. Thought you might find it interesting

  27. Great video, Appreciate you keeping us informed.
    Hope you get to feeling better soon bro

  28. Love it!

  29. This bounce between 6500-7500 will continue to happen for the rest of the year and into Q1. We have had some huge news come out month over month but price continues to stay the same. Do not expect a run up in Q4.

  30. Thanks Chris for another tough video to get out, it's so much easier when things are green, green, green…AND your feeling at your optimum health too, but when you feel icky & the market is bleeding profusely, you've got to be a real trooper to still get these daily videos out! Hope we see you in your new chair soon! All your efforts are very appreciated!

  31. one single trade two days ago brought 10000 BTCs shorts- they knew the Sachs news was coming- Insider trading or what- can ruin us small people.

  32. simple do not panic and do not sell- that will screw the whale's shorts contracts.

  33. People in Iran are saying it's not true. $6500 like everywhere else.

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