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Bitcoin Price Prediction, Kim Dotcom & Giveaways! BTC & Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency information – bullish Bitcoin value predictions stay rolling in, the most recent within the Kim Dotcom tale, IBM and Australia crew up, and loopy giveaways!

Tom Lee Bitcoin


Bitcoin Price 100,000

Bitcoin Reaching $100k is ‘Quite Likely,’ Claims ADVFN CEO

Bitcoin Doomed

Kim Dotcom

IBM Australia



ETF Europe

Western Union

Western Union Files Cryptocurrency Related Patent, No Mention of Ripple XRP

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  1. I've been watching you since last October and love your channel. Thanks Lark, keep up the good work man!

  2. no wonder Western Union said that XRP was very expensive… they were comparing the cost of sending money with Zero fees because they meant , they would make their own crypto currency hahaha.

  3. Damien Parsons

    4:00 Uncle Sam has a leash on the world through mind manipulation. EPIC, Love how you put that together!

    As for Ripple,, they will ripple away LoL
    I will totally give my boy crypto for his allowance. How about birthday messages on the Bitcoin blockchain? That's my plan.

  4. Hahaha! Love the matrix interlude!

  5. Crypto Numb Nuts

    I love! that shirt!..Congrats to all the winners well done! lucky wallet winners I wanted one ughhlolGOOD FOR ALL OF YOU!!!!!! who won,feels good to win happy for u all… Thanks Lark for the review and giving people gifts !…………NOSHAVETILL20K CrYPtO LarK NatIoN

  6. My kids have wallets (12yo & 8yo) they hold tiny bags of mostly Cardano (as I figure by the time he is in yr12 ADA might have finally got their act together) but also some Monero, Walton, Ven, My wish, TE Food, Tron and Dragonchain. They LOVE it. They monitor the market for me in a way that is far more dedicated than I could ever give time to. Unfortunately they are most bullish on Tron (tsk! the youth of today!). I reward them with crypto for extreme achievements but after this video I think I will extend this to paying them their chore money. So let me thank you on behalf of them both as I am sure they are most grateful to The Lark for the increase in their crypto revenue.

  7. Don't believe the tabloids as you rightly say!

  8. hey any chance of an interview between The Lark and the big man himself ? What about if we all tweet him requesting it for you?

  9. NZ is part of the 5 eyes along with the US. Of course they are in Cahoots with each other.

  10. Cripto Kapital

    Thumbs up for you man ! Great insights !

  11. Love the intro Music as always

  12. willempjebelgie

    @crypto lark give ne your stratis adress for donation love your show !

  13. FrozenExplosion

    intro is the stuff of nightmares……

  14. Help register, thank you for registering 10,000 Satoshi per person.

  15. dude shrink ur head we can't see the screen

  16. I would pay my kids in cryptocurrencies.

  17. Congrates to the winners and thank you from the companies for the giveaways.

  18. I love your outlook! Very grounded : )

  19. Yes I believe New Zealand is part of the five eyes:
    Love your content!! just subscribed
    You're extremely dangerous and I love it!!

  20. Yes.. I would pay if the option available

  21. Awesome vid!

  22. Madhu Chandrakumar

    What's the song name in the intro?

  23. BackToConstitution

    Lose the opening! It's a time waster!

  24. This shit is getting big………hey check out Dent …..goes live in Puerto Rico ………and keep an eye on electroneum,sleeping giant

  25. New to your channel, already a fan!

  26. I would also have a smart contract for house chores GET paid once full filled more education

  27. 1 BTC is still 1BTC. try hack it:~)

  28. keep up your work im a new zealander its to find a felow kiwi

  29. lark. x . true

  30. The Sun scam fleet street rag to dirty to wipe your arse with,full of fake news and the area where i live newsagents refuse to sell it.

  31. Top show! 'News' indicates Banksters and MSM seem worried!

    By the way, 'traders' thinking of selling their crypto need to be aware of ‘Greater fool fractional reserve theory’ which warns about being a Fiat currency ‘bag holder’ in the collapsing fractional reserve banking system. Remember Litecoin mining reward ‘halving’ 2019! Bitcoin ‘halving 2020!

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  33. CryptographicCreedBoi :0

    Fuck man…the bit where you put all of the news anchors saying basically the same thing is very striking. I wish more people could see that clip.

  34. Its like APPLE when it first came out… 90% didn't see the BIG picture

  35. Stephen Pengilly

    Fantastic vid man!

  36. Locks Keys and More

    Great video Lark!!

  37. Great video as always, keep up the thug life.

  38. Nice one!

  39. “The desire that guides me in all I do is the desire to harness the forces of nature to the service of mankind” Nikola Tesla

    “The scientific man does not aim at an immediate result. His work is like that of the planter- for the future. His duty is to lay the foundation for those who are to come, and point they way” Nikola Tesla
    I appreciate what Tesla has done for us. So much respect for Tesla. look at what Satoshi and Vitalik have done paved the way. Great content Lark!!!

  40. Hey Lark! Time for an update on Metaverse ETP? Very solid progress and severely undervalued. On the move, more than 50% increase last few days!

  41. DazzFire - Rhiannon

    I love your videos, Lark. You seem to have a good idea regarding the way our governments, banks, and corporations work. "Wake up, Neo!" 😉 Also, that shirt is awesome!!!!

  42. Exciting World Cryptos

    good prediction and love the shirt!

  43. The US has a collusion of Big Business and Big Government. They are all one is called Fascism.

  44. Bitcoin 1 million by 2026 or earlier is my prediction

  45. I would pay in bitcoin think of it as a personal investment as well Berthe than buy savings bonds

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