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Bitcoin Price Drop Today – Why Are Crypto Markets Crashing?

Bitcoins Price has dropped from $7500 to $6700 bucks these days. In this livestream, I’m going to hide why the cryptocurrency markets are crashing and permit you to work out whats occurring with crypto. Join us…

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To appease cash-hungry attorneys and irresponsible other people, it will have to be identified that I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR and THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE. I’m simply teaching and entertaining. What you do with your individual cash is your individual accountability. Seek the recommend of an clever monetary guide (excellent success discovering one) prior to making an investment yours or somebody else’s cash.

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  1. Im comment 609….C. Love likes that stuff lol. thanks

  2. The Trustees for Mount Gox are dumb they should sell into strength. What they sold will be worth multi-Billions someday.

  3. Someday Cryptos will trade like stocks. The good ones will not go down just because a bunch of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is sold. Mount Gox did not sell NEO, EOS, bitcoins, or Cardona, TRON, ICON, Nano… etc. etc.

  4. Tether is linked to the US $1 why would it go down? The dollar is great, tight?!

  5. I bit off more than I can chew with cryptos. Trapped like a rat.

  6. Once you allocate what you are going to allocate toward Crypto no reason the buy more. I would NOT add Bitcoin but Cardano is cheap enough to add at .18 cents. Stellar Lumens is .24. EOS below $11 I may get 50 EOS. NEO at $44 is a fire sale. Even adding 5-10 coins on NEO is bargain.

  7. PLEASE ADD NEO to Coinbase! The main reason the won't is the NEO gas? Coinbase doesn't want to ever pay dividends. They like to steal things like NEO gas.

  8. If Goldman Sachs is getting in they are not paying market! So this could be start of down turn so the can get in cheap.

  9. Vita est an valebat

    I am glad that I invested 5k in Vanguard mutual funds back in February, I was really thinking about investing in crypto thanks god I didn't… now I am done playing with shitcoins

  10. What about IDEX staking token Aurora ?

  11. HorustheHorizon

    they will manipulate it tomorrow to go back up again to get the babies screaming lambo hodels… lol

  12. Until we get rid of all the whales on bitcoin and the mafia of miners around it, we will not have a descentralized, unmanipulated bitcoin. The whales are making huge gains on bitmex, playing with the price and leverage trading.

  13. – HODL my crypto brothers. Time to go shopping next year (just 2 Lambos will be enough for me)

  14. Can you make a video review for beetle coin ? WE will pay

  15. This is why you don't trust people on Youtube who hold a conflict of interest when they make their videos. On top, of the ignorance of most of these people who have no education on trading or investing at all, outside of a bubble in crypto. We been calling the short on my channel on this last rally for the past month!

  16. Always sucks to this but you know its healthy and will return. Maybe look at different tokens like kucoin or BNB or projects to research such as fr8network, cargocoin, or Muirfield IP.

  17. We have to remember why crypto is here: a decentralized monetary system that can help BILLIONS have access to financial services that didn't exist before…stay the course…its not about trading, it's about USING and spending a new currency in a new global system…the core of this is blockchain, which grows stronger every day…

  18. Buy the Dip. LOLOLOL. This scam will be over soon. thank god.

  19. Buy the Dip. LOL. This scam will be over soon. thank god.


    Please take a look at PITCH Investors Live. Run by billionaire mogul Kevin Harrington it's dirt cheap right now on HitBTC… How can nobody see this project? Absolute GOLD!

  21. nice

  22. red red red

  23. Bitcoin will continue dropping to about $5000 and maybe as low as $4000 then it will go up again. Buy laddered down to $4000 and wait for it to go up.

  24. Alexander Rodriguez

    Seems to me that the government has already gotten a hold of the currency and started manipulating it. Everything that this government touches goes to shit. It's just another tool that is being used to confiscate everyone's wealth.

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