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Bitcoin Mining Boom in Wenatchee, Washington U.S. – Who needs China? How I Mine Bitcoin

Mine Bitcoin and different Cryptocurrencies Daily with HashFlare! Free to enroll! – https://hashflare.io/r/373CC8F3 – Wenatchee, Washington is house to a dozen of the most important bitcoin and cryptocurrency miners in the rustic. This is for the reason that electrical energy is so affordable, The moderate electrical energy value consistent with kilowatt in the state is four cents. The nationwide moderate is 7 cents.
The electrical energy is affordable in Wenatchee as a result of the Columbia River which is a part of a Dam gadget which generates affordable and considerable hydroelectric energy.
One of the 12 Bitcoin mining corporations is Salcido Group which is lately mining five-7 Bitcoins consistent with day and is taking a look to mine 50 Bitcoins consistent with day via July.
China is transferring to wipe out its bitcoin mining trade following considerations of over the top electrical energy intake and monetary chance.
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  1. Mine Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies Daily with HashFlare! Free to sign up! – https://hashflare.io/r/373CC8F3

  2. Wenatchee has a ton of major databases…cheap electric…

  3. TrueGritProductions

    why does that bitch put her hands in dude's space like that… this is why I can't stand white bitches and American bitches in general

  4. The security at these places is like Ft Knox.

  5. dude, i saw your portfolio is 50% xrp and 50% BTC, and i know you are hurting now, and i am enjoying it like a biach!

  6. 🙁 i pay 11¢

  7. "Wenatchee: Come for the authentic cow shit and Aluminum Smelter experience. Stay for the Bitcoin mining!"

  8. i lost 40 damn xrp from sending from 2 wallets now i keep it in binance and have 295 could i get 5 xrp to round up

    address: rEb8TK3gBgk5auZkwc6sHnwrGVJH8DuaLh

    Tag: 103572165

  9. Hi..Tony..! positive as always ..! i guess china will start again, because it wont be sitting loosing so much money outside.

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    UNIFY $0.5 100x potential, Low Market Capitalizations

  11. HOLY COW, 0.04$/kWh? In germany we pay ~0.30€/kWh(about 0.36$).

  12. Close on the pronunciation! It's Wen-AT-chee.

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  15. DJ Chelan Heidi Neal

    We are also the Apple Capital of the World! Yahoooooooooooo Wenatchee!!! Great video

  16. The Rolls Royce Trent

    Invest in Bitcoin Mining. Spread the word if you want others to invest. http://www.salcidoenterprises.tech/

  17. Hahaha! I am really tired of reading biggest mining operations in China blab la bla. Now is the time for the US. Yeah guys, who needs China. I look forward to seeing how the battle between them on bitcoin mining. By the way, just wanna share that buying 6 bitcoins in 2016 has been the best decision I ever made. Beside, big boys like bitcoin, ripple, I also bet my money on altcoins below 100 ranks of CMC list (coinmarketcap.com if you don’t know). Bitcoin took 3 years to reach this high value so I think the same thing will happen to newly-born coin.

    Many experts has it that the need of privacy would be rising in 2018. Therefore, new privacy crypto like DeepOnion – my current interest, can even surpass its older brothers Dash or Monero soon. What do you think? Can you share your thought on this?

  18. China just willingly gave away its lead in one of if not THE most important and lucrative new industries on the planet. Lol, they will look back on this and wonder wtf they were thinking

  19. How long do morons like you think our power rates will stay at those prices with all these miners? You want into Wenatchee then pay a much higher rate. If you think for one second your going to suck up our power for profit without compensating the community then your bats#!t crazy.

  20. ummm portland is in Oregon dude

  21. u said whennatchee wrong so many times

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