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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 4/13/2018 by ChartGuys.com

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  1. What do we look for when trying to find the beginning of a head and shoulders pattern? Does the candle have to touch the neckline at the start of it? Or does a big candle breaking through count as well?

  2. great video as always dan!

  3. Robert Oleskevich

    I’d super love a free course thank you.

  4. Awesome stuff Dan, just bought the crypto course and 1/3 through it already. Learning a lot!

  5. There is a video in your ad

  6. Great video Dan! When you're in a trade where it's in breakout mode and the price is well above the EMA where do you set your stop loss?

  7. Top man, really appreciate your videos. Off to do good things now 🙂

  8. Shame on CNBC for that segment. I watched that live and was shaking my head the whole time. Anywho, judging by the tone in your voice, you sound excited unlike some of your previous videos. That gets me excited for our future ;D

  9. Alaskan_Italian no

    I caught that CNBC FUD claiming that Bitcoin is fueling the opioid crisis in America. What a joke. They should be covering real news about the US dollar fueling the chemical attack in Syria. Fucking assholes.

  10. Hi Dan. Thank's for great insights! Do you offer free trial on crypto course? I'm thinking to follow you long tearm and would love to buy a course, but money is tight. Trial on crypto course would be excellent to see is it for me or not. Keep up with great work!


  12. Excellent TA explanation, I subscribe to a wide range of channels to get different perspectives, this one is straight down the middle and the best TA out there without any FUD & FOMO. Keep up the good work

  13. Hi how do I sign up for a chance at a free course? Been trading crypto for awhile now with limited success and am really keen on getting on the right track but I dont have much money to buy courses. Please do hit me up and I promise to pass the good deed on when im more successful 🙂 have a good weekend!

  14. I went and checked out your course. Don’t know how you were giving away courses, but you tech analysis free on you tube is the only reason I’m winning this game.. Hey I started with 100 dollars when bitcoin was 17000 and have 700 now trading the bear market. cleaned up for a profit of 650 holding. I get to 1000 I can start like many have so this weekend if I can get 400 dollars more before the bull run begins. Anyhow, yeah I herd you mention your course and alerts would be cool. I wouldn’t know how to evaluate a product of this nature. But I seem to have a knack for this and want to provide for my family. We were homeless. I’m not the one I have beautiful wife and son. These people and thier rapacious policies anyways it’s like 5 am I’m just here trying be present. Half asleep.

  15. I can't "Like" this vid enough for witnessing a glimpse of "Dan LIVE on Crypto!" xDDD
    Wish I could fit the community for daily fixes!!!

  16. Ionescu Cristian

    Thnaks ! You do good things every day making theese videos teaching people.

  17. Joao Villa Paz Bali

    Congrats for the channel! you guys rock

  18. Марина Соколовская

    Did you hear about the best ICO of the year? tokentelegram. net

  19. So we should see at least a 50% taco retracement, based on the do-good-things indicator.

  20. Would love to take a course! This channel has been a game changer for me

  21. Thanks for the insightful videos. I'd love to be picked for a crypto trading course

  22. Sergio Hernandez

    Is there a site that shows you how much your saleing for? It’s very hard for me to follow a few coins when tracing towards sathoshi. Using Binance, it’s hard to now whatniknstopnlossing at in sathoshi compared to usd.

  23. Sergio Hernandez

    When you sale do you go to bitcoin to fiat or to bitcoin or teather

  24. Do good things! Thanks Dan

  25. Eduardo Josue Ramirez Perez

    dona y gana 3LsTagpdzTzCsfKt5mQ7ZBR5QgeLyrdHyq

  26. cnbc filth out of their mouth, love it. They are the absolute worst, worse than ver.

  27. Thanks Dan. As always I love the feedback. Im all cash myself still waiting to see what happens. I guess I still needs some schooling. Are you not afraid to scale in when you see RSI divergence on 1-4hrs?

  28. taco money in the bounce

  29. what are your ema values?

  30. Melissa Thompson

    Am so happy to know billys system is working and i am also earning good profits

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