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Bitcoin & Ethereum ETFs Explained For Dummies!

Recently, there’s been numerous buzz about Bitcoin/Ethereum ETFs within the crypto international. This buzz is legitimate as a result of if ETFs are authorized, this might imply the access of institutional buyers and a upward push within the call for for Bitcoin. However, if you’re nonetheless perplexed about what precisely ETFs are, how do they impact the cost of Bitcoin, what number of are there, which of them have been denied, and when the SEC will give a verdict, then please watch this ETF explainer video to be told extra!

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  1. Bitcoin for Beginners

    What do yall think about all the ETFs being considered? Do you think it will be a positive thing for the crypto space?

  2. omfgfgomfgomfogm


  3. Adriano El Casinero

    There will be an ETF just probably not this summer yet

  4. Sure they will delay the 10th august decision is my honest guess

  5. It will pass if all the insiders have all their ducks in a row.

  6. Nice summary. Clear, concise, and a high level summary thats easy to understand. I don't think a Bitcoin ETF will get approved this year. It's still too volitile and not as mainstresm; those that are savvy and interested in cryptos are already in it buying via exchanges. I also think BTC ETF along with Inverse BTC ETF is dangerous and further creates volitility as it makes going short BTC easier and at times very lucrative. Also if NYSE or CBOE have a good chance of getting approved i'd think they would slowly buy up BTC secretly so they avoid buying it at premium prices after the news. I think the possibility of an ETF swirling around is already priced in and if an ETF is approved BTC may temporarily see a small spike up to 10-15%. If their ETF is rejected i can see BTC dipping back into 6k range or lower. G luck but just like gold or silver i'd rather own physical stuff over the GLD ETF. Similarly i like to own and store any cryptos offline with my private keys.

  7. Thanks for the explaination. It just a matter of time really. And all this time should be spent accumulating btc.

  8. Great work Kevin. Super concise and very informative.

  9. best vid I've seen so far about the ETF

  10. Thank you, Kevin.

  11. Straight to the point again, kevin!

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