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Bitcoin Ethereum Alts Technical Analysis Chart 10/30/2018 by ChartGuys.com

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 2018

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  1. Recorded 2:30 PM Eastern

  2. I'm comfortably riding bullish positions. Happy BTCday!!!!!

  3. Thank you for the updates Dan.

  4. Earlier this year you claimed that 100% this year there will be a big capitulation with a "double up" moment. Still on?

  5. Did I sense disbelief a lil bit Dan?

  6. aka: btc bears pay day

  7. expanding knowledge base, crypto is too boring now

  8. hey dan…quick question and forgive my noobishness…..where does one trade in the MJ sector? can you recommend some places?

  9. Always love the level headed analysis. What you said about probably never seeing the insane volatility and run up we had last year again is something I've been pondering a lot lately,and I tend to think you're right. I might get flak for this from some,but i do not believe BTC will ever see 20k again (probably won't even see 10k…certainly not this year.) unless, as you said,there was some huge catalyst like a major collapse of the USD or something of that nature.

    I tend to think the crypto bubble is over,and while there will undoubtedly be trading opportunities in the space, it will likely not be quite the the same level we saw last year. Crypto had a nice run for about 10 years, the early adopters are already rich from it and have moved on.

    I'm still convinced there will be another huge leg down to lower lows,with BTC settling somewhere between 1k to 3k as it's stable price even if it takes a few months to settle there.

    With that being said, I've learned a ton from your vids,and look forward to trading US MJ in the near future since that bubble hasn't even really started yet. Thanks again for all the time you put into this for all of us, and sorry for such a long comment.

  10. What time is the ten year anniversary. You said depending on what time youre in

  11. I'm shifting my attention to the stock market at the moment as a day trader. I 'm loving the price action and how charts follow TA. My biggest obstacle is learning the Interactive Brokers TWS platform. Btw, Dan, are you using TWS or Webtrader when trading on IB?

  12. I have a really really old Ameritrade Account. Any thoughts/feedback about them as a platform for stocks?

  13. couldn't agree with you more about US MJ sector. Names like IAN, MXP, MMEN, LHS (on the SEC) are what I'm betting on

  14. I want to climb a tree like that

  15. Gotcha! Short Amazon!

  16. Tcg, thoughts on a pump in the leadup to bakkt trading dec 12th?

  17. Any update on that crazy Bitcoin Gold longs chart?

  18. You might want to look at Tron. It may have bottomed.

  19. As always, Thanks Dan:)

  20. The point about watching for follow through on low TF patterns, then zooming out to larger timeframes to confirm bear flags and larger bearish moves was gold. Thanks again for helping make sense of things

  21. Sorry going to have to disagree dan. Either bitcoin rivals other currencies like the euro and dollar eventually replacing the dollar as the reserve currency or it goes to zero. The next run will be bigger than the last. No one owns bitcoin yet. We certainly dont use it as intended. When lightning nodes get out of the beta and are as easy as an app to run on your phone, You’ll get micro payments in bitcoin and LTC for processing transactions further decentralizing it. It will be the preferred reserve currency not owned by any government or entity. Thats worth 10s if not 100 trillion.

  22. Additionally the dollar is going to get rekt in the deleveraging aka a depression which was pushed from 2008 to a future date because of quantitative easing. See peter Schiff/ ray dalio. Decade long deleveraging coming. When? According to dalio, a couple years max.

  23. Most people do not see the dollar as an investment tool and as a result a weaker dollar will probably not be the catalyst for a crypto boom. Now another collapse of the markets, BINGO. And if there are anymore bailouts, watch out.

  24. Vanguardas Vucava

    If Tether FUD can't even brute force its way up $7000, no amount of news can. We're definitely going to at least $5000 by EOY.

  25. That was a pretty gloomy ending… no hate here but man we all know BTC needs to cool off from 2017… don’t let the manipulation fool you… BTC price action will return when the whales decide to start pumping out the FOMO causing news again to the mainstream

  26. El Gerardo Edwardio

    BTC whitepaper on my 31st birthday… wish I knew about it by my 34th… Thanks for the upload as ALWAYS!

  27. ChainLink looks like a decent longer term play and is also consistently moving gradually up every day. I moved some Raven, Moeda, and Nexus into ChainLink to stabilize my alt-to-Bitcoin ratio and pursue a tiny bit of profit.

  28. airdrop: Sign up $240 @t​

  29. @thechartguys you use to think that once we hit a low it would double. Did that expectation change with the rounded bottom and lower volume or do you still believe we will see a 100% increase when it moves but then eventually level out once all the institutional money has been in the system for a while?

  30. Thanks for the great video as usual. I definitely have to agree my friend. There's been like 2 weeks of clear indecision candles on the daily TF for XRP, almost all spinning tops & dojis. I'm starting to learn/do as much homework as possible on the FX market bc that's honestly going to be my next move once I'm comfortable enough in that market.

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