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Bitcoin Cash Visa Debit | BCH ATM Support

Bitcoin.com publicizes a brand new Bitcoin Cash Visa Debit Card! ATM toughen for BCH reaches 1300 machines international!

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Roger Ver Tweet: https://twitter.com/rogerkver/status/940253050731679744

ATM: https://news.bitcoin.com/lamassu-adds-bitcoin-cash-giving-bch-more-atm-support/

LAMASSU: https://lamassu.is/maps/

Futures: https://news.bitcoin.com/markets-update-bitcoins-value-climbs-after-cboe-opens-xbt-trading/

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  1. Shorting #Bitcoin?https://youtu.be/UEti4JP-JOE
    Who would do that?
    Minors would a little bit.
    But what about someone who holds enough Bitcoin that when they sell off then the market drops?
    Big money could be a curse to $BTC my friends.

  2. Awesome news

  3. -ED- Bitcoin BCH Channel

    Bitcoin Cash Visa debit card sounds like great first bridge to use the Bitcoin Cash until you can use it directly with merchants.
    I might get it next year, need to see the details, fees, etc and if it works in Australia.

  4. Bitcoin.com is run by Roger Ver, in case you weren't aware.. doesn't make sense for you to say "big news coming out" about Bitcoin Cash.. when the news itself is being written by the dude pumping the coin.. who jumped ship from Bitcoin to start his own "more profitable" Bitcoin Cash token

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