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Bitcoin Cash Sell Off / Brian Armstrong Tweets / Bank Mining / BCH is not BTC / BCH Posters / More!

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  1. Geschmack ist King ✌

  2. Looks like it's done, BTC just won the fight :))) Have you read about possible Google partnership with Lisk? 🙂

  3. BCH is a fraud.

  4. Any particular reason you're referring to the altcoin bcash as bitcoincash ?

  5. I made a killing with bitcoin cash gald I held it until yesterday

  6. I Follow Omar on STEEMIT @crypt0

  7. Bch sell off is likely in anticipation of fork upgrade later today.

  8. Guys you saw almost all the voluime for BCH has been from 1 exhange right? BCH is not mass adopted? Where are the BCH ATMS or local BCH traders? Also dont underestimate the non contentious (friendly) fork of BTG which is now trading.

  9. From ethereal summit. The bancor ceo said the most honest companies take profit in their own tokens… dont dump the eth!

  10. How should a good ICO approach the community and get traction? How to rise from the noise if you have real assets, existing ecosystem and a proven team and you need funding to push it to the next level and the product is technically complex and not a simple "we are the new weed coin" claim?

  11. I never took you as a burgerking man…

  12. Daniel Calatayud Ferrández

    the audio is quite bad =/

  13. They need to stop taking our miners..And mucking up the system

  14. What do you guys think the best coin is if you want to just buy it now and keep it for 4-5 years?

  15. Omar, in the future, promote with cautions all these SCAM ICOs. You did promote a lot over last 12 months.

  16. Charles Hoskinson left Ethereum Extremely early in the process of its development, I believe he left even before their ICO. Can you really call him an Ethereum founder?? I think not.

  17. CryptoTraders Room

    Thumbs up to keeping this space honest and you're definitely keeping it real just like I am.

  18. Like these short videos with a quick summary of whats going on 🙂

  19. Love this info, please continue. FYI Kraken is pronounced KRAAY Kin, not cracken. 🙂

  20. I bought some senderon token, what is your opinion? Its a new token with 50.000.000 supply

  21. You should mention this more often. Scrutinizes ICOs.

  22. -ED- Bitcoin BCH Channel

    Bitcoin Cash IS in fact real Bitcoin.
    Core's SegWit is not Bitcoin.
    Reality will catch on sooner or later.

  23. Lol!!! You guys know that?
    I found a cool coin group.
    They gave me the signal before the BCH, DASH coin rises. (I've tripled my money)
    I am making enough money now and I am going to make more money in the future.
    I would like to share this opportunity with some of you who have seen my writing.
    Take the opportunity of your life not to be twice again~

  24. "Was segwit 2x the biggest pump n dump of all time?" No… BCH was and is still!

  25. Dude you and your people just remove from your FB group. Do you consider it censorship?

  26. Thanks for the update. I agree with the influx of ICOS, although I don't think they are all scams. Etheroll has a working dapp with quarterly dividends being paid out in ether. Love getting paid in ether! Also don't believe BTC censorship, do your due diligence in the cryptoworld. BCH is a force in the crypto game. Stay safe everyone.

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