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Bitcoin Cash – BCH/BCC crypto / cryptocurrency astrology chart reading

Study of cosmic planet association of Planets at genesis block of crypto / cryptocurrency by the use of Vedic Astrology.

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  1. Thank you, very interesting, please do more on BTC and BCH. Also Neo, which is a Chinese crypto.

  2. Adi Rudra Astrology

    Next in line are Neo and Ethereum

  3. Thanks 4 ur videos! Neo is a Chinese coin, so I have great interest. Also, Litecoin. And Dash has gone up a lot ….

  4. Luv ur videos on cryptos. Have sent links to friends.

  5. Adi Rudra Astrology

    Any chance you guys have details of NEO first block ?

  6. pls give update about litecoin future because litepay is cancelled .

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