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Bitcoin (BTC) ETF Rejected! Next Target?! – Crypto Trading & Cryptocurrency Price News

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The Bitcoin (BTC) ETF used to be rejected?! What’s the objective?! Let’s speak about this and a few cryptocurrency buying and selling research + present information subjects at the Bitcoin ETF in nowadays’s video!

😈 Let’s get this crypto!

Disclaimer: The content material coated on this video/are living circulate is NOT funding recommendation. I’m NOT a monetary adviser. These are simplest my very own non-public critiques, concepts, charts, technical research, insights, information and value predictions. Always do your personal analysis and simplest make investments only based totally by yourself findings and private judgement. Deciding to put money into and/or purchase Bitcoin (BTC) or every other form of cryptocurrency or ETF is very prime chance and will crash at any time! This video/are living circulate is only for leisure functions simplest!

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  1. Always one of the best crypto vids out there!

  2. Nobody cares about an ETF. Bitcoin will win. The EU is moving out of the swift system according to BBen. The Fed is losing control.

  3. End of year coming. Lot of people in the know are saying 25k coming. I'll hodl to see.

  4. Bitmain needs money and goes to IPO butmain is bs company total greed no any value in them hopefully btc will go to 2500-3000 and bitmain with them I personally think btc will go down to 3k easy

  5. 6800? Kirby does have a crystal ball. Totally nailed it !

  6. Precisely why ETF will never happen to much corruption in exchanges

  7. spartans are you ready? ahoo! ahoo! ahoo!

  8. Hey Kirby do you also hold BTC for the long term?

  9. People will get tired of waiting for ETF approval, and eventually will not care anymore. Then the market will take off again.

  10. This rejection will probably shake out the last of the weak hands. If this doesn't get em, nothing will. James atwc will be like "the sky is falling, I gotta market sell this crap". After this, what could happen to drive it down though? Will power costs decrease? Seems more likely to stay in a range or go up over time. Fewer people are mining now so scarcity may increase. They were pumping out over $100M worth per week before, maybe still close to that, idk.

  11. F@@K etf! Don't need it!

  12. Let's Do Smart & Always Positive

    Due to some hackers tried to bitmex server into offline by ddos sttack to spike bitcoin price , clarified by bitmex officials

    Some us law makers controlled cryptocurrency

  13. James and the Holdlers at the cooler are getting Rekt, Kirby. All sorts of manipulation in this market and unless you know what you are doing it is best to really come in only in high reward low risk scenarios which are few and far between and they do not last long….

    Contrast that with the tech market or AMD. Compared to AMD Bitcoin is a dog this year. I am up 70 percent just holding my AMD stock. Up 49 percent on Square…Zinga just soared based on Disney news. Now I know the stock market can't stay up forever, but it is kicking the shit out of the crypto market's ass in YTD gains. I am watching the charts on that…and crypto. Because all you have to do to manipulate this market is manipulate BTC. You try and short AMD and you will get squeezed like there is no tomorrow. As for crypto…traders beware…and in addition to their connection with holding BCH, Bitmain is the largest miner of BTC, controlling 45 percent of the worldwide hash rate of BTC.

  14. Great content. Don’t assume your viewers know the news already. Thanks for creating these videos.

  15. Added $ with etf and even futures trading with their market manipulation vs leaving the market alone-crypto will be same as stock market.

  16. I think we will continue to consolidate at this level for a couple more weeks and then lift off when people expect it to tank.

  17. Moon'em up!

  18. Great Video Kirby. Im not getting excited about Crypto until I can log onto Uber eats and use my Crypto to pay.

  19. Your video was spot on! But I thought it would of dropped more. thanks mate . keep the good work up

  20. Kirbs, love your channel and catch it every day! I'm shocked you don't have more subscribers. Tink that bell!

  21. ETF will never be approved. This is just FUD news game for panic sellers.

  22. Wheres kirby so i could make sense of all this (Dave Chapelle voice)

  23. What does magnified with leverage mean?

  24. Kirby is the real deal ladies and gents an absolute SAVAGE

  25. Kirbs!

  26. quick question in regard to the daily bear flag ; isnt volume in a flag usually decreasing? the first 5 days in this range that seems to be the case but lately its increasing. any thoughts?

  27. 9 ETF Disapprovals, are we ready for $5k?

  28. patrick van eylen

    im ready for september bulls. its gonna feel like they flipt the switch

  29. patrick van eylen

    long live fomo hurray hurray

  30. Shorts are the highest they have ever been on Bitfinex.

  31. My vote: Bitcoin will go DOWN.

  32. No need for ETF. Bakkt will change everything in November.

  33. michael armstrong

    Peace and love, back at you!

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