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Bitcoin breaks $7000! 🔴BE CAREFUL🔴

» https://goo.gl/KFr6g6

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    This is good to see at this point. Hopefully, the price continues to climb…

  2. btc up to $7000 but genesis mining still not profitable. bitcoin must be at what price to make mining profitable again?

  3. Nice one Sunny

  4. Cheers Sunny !!! 🙂

  5. No intro. Can't say how much i like that! I would skip over it anyway 😉

  6. All this over a coin that is completely owned by Bitmain who runs out of China and has absolutely no use case…

  7. love that south park clip!!! Bahahahahaha

  8. But I like intros!

  9. I know you were trying to catch this turn with a leveraged long, I hope you made it man, good luck, and thanks for the good content!

  10. Can you talk about ethcrash? Its back now

  11. Sunny, great video – YOU CRACK ME UP. I picked up on the tempo INTENTIONALLY used in this video. My little Alpha…………
    "Emulation is the greatest form of Flattery". I seeeeee youuuuu 😉
    But honestly, you're doing a crazy FANTASTIC job picking up TA in such a short period of time. I'm sincerely blown away in awe. No wonder you chose engineering. I like you're showing both the positive & negative on these charts without bias. GOOD JOB!!! PS: I stiiiiiillllll don't have a handle on much of this TA yet. Maybe because trading on Coinbase Pro doesn't help. Except for 2 separate moving averages, their charts do not have any of the more sophisticated technical tools to work with.
    Thanks for your hard work & my giant smile today. You're a good man Xo

  12. they are making us run like drewling dogs behind btc sometimes with greed sometimes wit fear. They are creating just enough movement that we are still interested. But ok with me so I can buy the few alts that are going to survive . This is a 10 to 15 year game for the alts. I

  13. Time to FOMO in now NOW!!!!!

  14. Great content as usual! Keep it up!

  15. Hey Sunny check out this one. The chart is quite interesting.

  16. Good call you made!

  17. its a trap

  18. lol is a south park montage right? isn't a real episode?

  19. YAH THE HELL WITH INTROS! We don’t need no stinkin intros.

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  21. Institutional investors never FOMO they buy and hodl, it's the retail investors who FOMO and sell early

  22. Nice ending with the SouthPark cut!

  23. Its gambling if you don't know what you are doing

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  25. Alexander Hergert

    time to take a little profit 😉 don't be too greedy at least at 7500

  26. hold btc n tron

  27. I like the channel, but I honestly think all these technical are worth a big zero. NO ONE can predict the future when it comes to new technologies. All I know, from personal experience is that when something as big and wide spread as this is adopted by human beings, you better make sure you have a stake in it so as to make sure you don't miss your chance. I put a bit of money in it a few months back, and I"m leaving it there for the foreseeable future. Any one with a brain knows crypto and decentralized apps are going to change the internet as we know it.

  28. It’s up to 7k go short now before it dumps again. Don’t listen to me I know shit all

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  30. totally clueless about trading but keep getting adverts on the computer telling me if i invest £250 in Bitcoin i can see £1000s being returned in about a month.. I dont really have spare money but will put my living expenses in if it will do this return, advise accepted.. you sound like you know what your talking about but i dont understand all the jargon…..Neil

  31. tron and btc will big 2018-2019 momentum market . no down up up up

  32. hey sunny..when will u close ur position in bitmex??

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  36. sunny. try this shit ! you'll get addicted.
    I swear.

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