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Breaking News! Crypto Currency Exchange large Binance has been HACKED! Massive $VIA coin pump simply came about liquidating customers accounts to shop for VIA coin in large Hack. This isn’t just right information for the Crypto Currency World!

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  1. Buy high, sell low crew checking in.

  2. Can you really not shill lol. Bin ance didn't sell anything it was 3rd party all users and is the users own fault not binance

  3. sadly cant withdrawal at the moment

  4. i cant withdrawal my btc on binance

  5. loading up on digibyte!

  6. This did not happen to my Binance account. Everything on my account is fine.

  7. Lal Thlengliani

    All my Tron coin and Funfair coin was hacked at 9:15 am this morning and it was sold off for the price at $0.037 terrible, what should I do now, they bought Via coin all my balance is only about $270

  8. DeAndre Sanchez

    my account was hacked!! what do i do!!!

  9. I use a trading bot on the Binance platform and I haven't experienced any issues with my API keys.

  10. Patrick Wieland

    Binance now saying it was an API issue and they will reverse the sales and make everyone whole again!

  11. Should I buy DGB with my Litecoin DGB is so low everything is crashing

  12. This is why i have the Ledger Nano S wallet. get your today or get hacked some day .

  13. Hello,,Patrick I am thinking of purchasing a serious amount of DIGIBYTE . Do u know if I can store in NANO or TREZOR? Thanks in advance

  14. So disappointed in this guy. I followed him for day trading stocks. Unfollowing for sure.

  15. FUD Rubbish Click Bait

  16. It will only be a matter of time when Coinbase gets hacked or potentially gets hacked.

  17. I lost my funds, I can't believe it

  18. fuck binance;:

  19. Hi there, I was inactive for like a month. All of the sudden I hear that binance was hacked. But no coins were stolen? Because I think my poets coins and eth coins are gone.

    No large amount though, but just want to know what happened.

  20. To those who were hacked, have Binance reversed the sell orders for you yet? Did you have to raise a ticket to get it resolved?

  21. Just found out about this today after logging into binance and seeing all my coins gone, I don't have any bots trading or 3rd party apps running so I'd like to know exactly how my coins have all been sold

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