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Best Small Cap Privacy ALTCOINS (UNDERVALUED) Pt 1.

Coins discussed:
IntenseCoin (ITNS)
Vsync (VSX)
DeepOnion (ONION)
Zoin (ZOI)

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  1. I apologize if I didn't mention some coins. I will redo this video and mention the ones you guys comment.

  2. Dmitry Aleksandrov

    Hi .what do you think about Metal?

  3. Mate you have to take a look at NEUmark Tokens. Its like the NASDAQ of Cryptos and it will let you invest in "Equity Token". It opens the ICO Process to all Star Ups out there.

  4. What about XCPO? Its low supply and privacy fast transitions

  5. COLX, and MOIN for a super small one with tons of potential

  6. Can you cover ClearPoll? Its fallen to 30% of its price. Looks like the best coin on sale currently with a solid 3x profit in a week.

  7. I agree with IntenseCoin – great project, very undervalued. But I would also add SHIELD (XSH), which I think will and should be THE privacy coin of the future… Just check the roadmap for 2018: smart contracts, masternodes, android and ios wallets, QUANTOM PROOF(!), integration with social media… Still very cheap.

  8. Unbelievable Facts

    100% look into LUX

  9. Whats your position on XUN?

  10. Thanks for mentioning DeepOnion. It is a new coin and already has a community of 11,000+ people. Also has a strong dev and mod team that are bringing new updates almost weekly. iOs and Android wallets also on the works, DeepSend feature coming in the next few weeks, online DeepVault file verification, Anonymous Smart Contracts, Vote Central with $50,000,000 to spend on new additions to DeepOnion and much more. The sky is the limit of this coin that not much people know about. The time to by is NOW. 🙂

  11. Ken I'm back for more your reviews and thoughts. All of them could maybe go 10X. My pick is DeepOnion over the others easy 10x+. So many features coming: mobile wallets, TOR 3 protocol, DeepSend, DeepVault upgrades and Vote Central. Oh, nearly forgot listing on more exchanges once the airdrop is done. Happy weekend to you!

  12. I buy LTC at GDAX for $190.. I send it over to Binance – where it is worth $180 (cause binance always has lower prices due to higher volume). I ALWAYS lose $10 per LTC!

    Same for ETH and BTC. I have NEVER encountered a scenario where this was opposite – or even balanced. Since Binance will not allow FIAT deposit, so I have to go to GDAX first

    So, it seems one does not get a 'fair' price on Coinbase or GDAX. One pays a premium. So – you have to first recover the $10 premium before you start making a profit on your crypto.

    The price difference is shocking! Am I missing something? Anyone have a workaround?

  13. Good video friend, thanks for mentioning DeepOnion, this currency has great potential and a promising future, from fast, secure and anonymous transactions to one of the best communities I've met with nice people, amazing moderators and smart developers who work at all hours for the development of this great cryptocurrency that is ONION.

  14. vishwavijay singh

    Follow Hush on Instagram at hushcoin for regular updates 🙂

  15. You forgot the best one atm, BULWARK 🙂

  16. VSYNC (VSX) & BitcoinZ (BTCZ)
    Very cheap right now!

  17. Please note: Deep Onion is an attempt to be Spectrecoin, which is the original TOR coin and includes OBFS4, which prevents TOR detection in TOR blocked countries. This means if you actually use Deep Onion in TOR blocked countries, your offense is detectable, therefore punishable. This wouldn't happen with Spectrecoin. It is a big mistake to place Deep Onion ahead of Spectrecoin as a privacy coin for this reason. Basically, Deep Onion will get you caught in China, Iran, Russia, etc. This is not arguable. If you do not obfuscate TOR, you are endangering yourself and who you are sending to or receiving from.

  18. 6 weeks later we have:

    ITNS: -73%

    HUSH: -80%

    VSYNC: -66%

    ONION: -63%

    Someone gives this dude a trophy. He is really good.

  19. Jose Gabriel Fernandez Fernandez

    great video, sadly i have seen jus a few videos where consideer Zoin, i think is a great coin to invest this year

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