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“Bad For Ethereum, Good For Bitcoin”, Centralized Digital Cash & Google Adds Ethereum Analytics

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  1. How is it even legal for companies to intentionally inflate the price of BTC (using paper bitcoin) or what other asset there may be out there?

  2. One must hold ETH…or it’s all nonsense!!!! Why then CRYPTO…why then decentralize…where is the revolution???? Sorry but this is not cool

  3. Why then 21m BTC??? If you can write paper for much more???? It’s all not making sense!!! Someone should regulate this!!!!

  4. With non physically settled futures in mind I have to wonder if the futures and "physical" markets for BTC and other cryptos with a futures component might not bifurcate in price the next time financial stress arrives. "If you don't hold it, you don't really have it."

  5. If u are government…u don’t need to worry about crypto…u just make Wall Street to do theirs corruption tricks…and crypto is dead 1..2..3…

  6. Fiat and crytpo can both coexist together, I don’t see cash going away anytime soon.

  7. It’s look like it’s all planed…they let us to invent the best crypto…copy it… centralize it…control us…scan finger eyes…cameras…communism was nothing my friends!!!???

  8. 9:50 I was alive in the 90's
    Just say no.

  9. great talk …. dogethereum is not a fork ppl using the name to get money …. its free option alpha version ( atomic swap )

  10. Minute 17:06 when crypto becomes global if BTC does become the leading store of value , everyone in the world will have an account and can access it through there phone and maybe even pay with an app for goods n services like "WeeChat"

  11. May The Divine Creator.Of All be with you always……

  12. " '…With 1.2 billion participants' …I might not call them participants…" HAHA! Best observation of the day.


  14. An American Homestead

    Issuing bitcoin certificates for bitcoin the banks don't even hold is EXACTLY how the banks manipulate gold and silver. If they want to kill bitcoin, that is how they will do it. SOLUTION: ONLY USE DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGES FOR CRYPTO.

  15. The idea of crypto is dead. We sold our freedom for "moon shots". Thats not to say you can't make money trading it, but the vision is buried and forgotten.

  16. I don’t like anything that incentivizes making the price go down.

  17. Eth etf's are coming to

  18. I think Wall Street like ether they might long it just because everyone thinks they will short

  19. This guy is awesome

  20. 18:51 list to the MI chuckle as he says Dogecoin – I can't help but chuckle too (but I'm still gonna hodl and love that coin… Great video sir

  21. The real question will be has futures ever launched for a product that was already oversold? Go back and see what happened to those products. We already know what happened to Bitcoin on futures launch.

  22. Banks are the biggest Money launderers ever. Always Remember that folks.

  23. It was not his day..

  24. Mark of the beast

  25. For futures to work – Wall Street has to control or eliminate the exchanges or there will be multiply prices – but it really dos not matter because people will always pay the lower price

  26. lol governments are funny. they don't want us to know what THEY are doing with our tax dollars. but they want to know our every transactions lol

  27. Wasn't good for BTC and won't be for Ether either. Whenever you can through unlimited amounts of fiat at a finite commodity you are asking for trouble.

  28. Ethereum art for sale

  29. tron will huge

  30. 15:57 Could a scenario unfold where a state backed digital currency was forced onto a population that then turns around and sells it for something more valuable to them. Today the USD is king but is that only because there hasn't been other currency options that are actually different from fiat.

  31. Bullshit by RBI , Now the government will decide what I buy or how I buy , when I pee or Poop , these losers can't stop the satoshi revolution for long. "So, after they ban Bitcoin users from banking services and into cash, the morons complain that "the central bank sees “a high possibility of its usage for illicit activities, including tax avoidance.” Duuhhh, brilliant prognosis! Trading has shifted completely to p2p, whereas RBI is sleeping. They say, "Though cryptocurrency may not currently pose systemic risks, its increasing popularity leading to price bubbles raises serious concerns for consumer and investor protection, and market integrity." As if they give compensation to people who lose money in stocks. They had a clear opportunity to regulate exchanges to prevent any tax evasion, now they have ditched it, people will use p2p and decentralization to it's full extent, let's see, what they can do now!

  32. man if i was google I'd just start paying all employees in a specific crypto just to see what happens to the world would be fun to watch

  33. “Debu-ded” lol

  34. Ofcourse they are liars. It's bcash, lmao.

  35. Whys vet never talked about ?

  36. Good day M.I. ….. " these are the new tether coins that are tethered to tether" say that 5x real fast.

  37. Cross your fingers? More like bend over if you are holding ETH… these futures will not be settled in ETH.

  38. Money talks bullshit walks. AAHAHHA

  39. Have you ever thought about putting your material in a podcast? I listen to your shows while traveling to work but then I can’t use maps or any other tools on my phone.

  40. FanofDocumentaries

    It's not to reduce fraud and money laundering it's to tax you.

  41. Is it me or does news on Etherium always a contradiction? Either its behind schedule on updates and slower than need be or its going to take the #1 position. Can both be possible at the same time?

  42. Futures for BTC have been chaotic, to say the least. Granted it might not have fully contributed to BTC's ATH crash, but it's yet another opportunity for suppression and manipulation. Adding futures for ETH would open the floodgates for excessive market-wide manipulation. Just look at how toxic we get towards one another in comments on YouTube and Twitter. If this sort of senseless competition between BTC and ETH were to reach Wall Street levels via their futures than the current suppression and manipulation is only just beginning. Forget loyal maximalists, what about all the wealthy outsiders that want to "tame" crypto? If this is the short-term future of crypto then it's no wonder ETFs are being rejected left and right, because we would be a long ways away from any stable regulation.

  43. Who says cryptos are an investment? That's like saying, put you're $$$$$ into a slot machine and calling it an investment in a casino?

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