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Asus Strix RX570 GPU Mining Spotlight

strix RX570

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Asus Strix RX570 GPU Mining Spotlight

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  1. Quantify Crypto

    I run 3 !

  2. Nice, could you add your fx-8320 to your daily mining chart too please

  3. 5:36 is it a box fan? Its got to be a box fan…

    signed up for the discord after Spartan's stream earlier… just have to get some time to get in there.

  4. Looking forward to a 1070 in depth video!

  5. Please do a update daily hashrate with "new" rx 570

  6. I just bought 6 of that exact same card. 250 off new egg.

  7. I am a gpu miner with all NVIDIA cards. My first RX 570 is coming in 2 days 🙂 Woot…cant wait to build this next rig with all RX cards 🙂

  8. this card runs stable undervolting the core and memory to 850

  9. You need to get a 1080 Ti already. Ideally a Asus strix OC. It's making $6 a day at the moment.

  10. Romelo Aguilar

    Brandon, what do you think about REEF Coin?

  11. What is this 1 click bios mod?

  12. Rashed Al Mazrooei

    Hallo Brandon , do you recommend Nvidia gtx founder edition for me to start mining ? I bought 2 gtx 1070 fed and one gtx 1070 ti fe too .. I read many articles that says these card getting heat easily and very noisy.. what do you think ?

  13. Nice card brandon!

  14. really curious about the octominer, I am really considering buying maybe a few of these soon. price per slot is so very much cheaper than anything else with no risers.

  15. Can confirm both the card and the seller are solid products. Hey Pugs. 😉

  16. Cool so your sand switch did come in the mail thats cool. Is it an BLT one

  17. Slowly growing, congrats.

  18. Great card – got 460 and 470 Strix version!

  19. Hello,Brandon.Nice work with the videos!I wanted to ask you,if you had a similar problem or know something about it:I switched from windows to SMOS and my power consumption went up by 15%-20%.No matter what clocks I use or undervolitng,it is still around 20 % higher than windows.Any suggestions?Thanks!

  20. I got a question on the H110-D3A motherboard…. do i need to power the pcie slots with molex power on the side to get all six pcie slots to run?

  21. Jason Todosijevic

    hey brandon, Glad you finally got a rx570. I have some of those strix too, I like them they seems solid cards. Only thing i noticed is they have a slow MAX fan RPM speed. I take it because ASUS wanted it to be almost silent.

  22. Bro what rack is that? Holding gpu’s? From target?

  23. Asus Strix are my fave AMD,

  24. Pavel Jelínek

    Brandon, did yoo turn on memory clock on that biosmodded card (advice – always doo that, yoo get many free MH for no need to add power)???

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